How to Get over Losing a Friend

It can happen. A friend doesn't want to be your friend anymore, and it might hurt your feelings, and if it does you can always try these suggestions. Although this is from my personal experience, it may not work for everyone.


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    Let your emotions take control. It's okay to be upset; you might be more sensitive than others. Crying is supposed to be good for you, so don't be afraid to let the tears flow. At first, it's best to be as sad as you want.
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    Know that it's for the better. Don't convince yourself that they'll come back. They most likely won't. Please remember that.
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    Confide in someone, after a week or more. Don't do it at first, or the former friend will think you're trying to turn people against them. (DO NOT try this. Turning people against them can backfire.) Make sure the person you talk to is trustworthy and understanding, e.g.; someone you've known for years, someone who is genuinely nice.
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    Relax, if you can, for the first whole month. Watch TV, eat chocolate (don't start comfort eating though!), don't shower - take baths and get enough sleep. That sort of thing. However; do not listen to sad music. It'll make you more depressed. Listen to happy, up-beat music. After, you'll probably feel better.
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    Don't try to get revenge. Just leave your former friend alone, don't stir things up.
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    Go out. Go out with friends, family or if you don't have many friends by yourself. Getting out will make you feel better, even if you don't at first. It's better than staying in all the time. Keep on doing it, don't stop.
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    Get a hobby. If you've got a talent, e.g.; Drama, then join a drama club. Or, you could try to get better at something. Focusing on school is a very good idea. Maybe start learning an instrument? Just do something that will keep your mind off it. It's a VERY important part of getting over it.
    • It can be anything, as long as it keeps you amused.
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    Start talking to more people. Don't ditch any old friends, obviously (you will look hypercritical), but you’re going to need all the support you can get. However, don’t be too forward, just be laid back about it.
    • Okay. You might start feeling a lot better then, but the truth is it does take a while for you to feel completely better. It doesn't happen by magic. You might just have a little piece of you always broken, or maybe you'll spend ages trying to get over it. It just depends on you, but remember it was probably for a good reason, to meet & make better friends.


  • Do NOT try to solve your depression with self harm, drugs, alcohol or smoking. It WON'T help you.
  • Smile. Don't let your former friend think they've won. And it'll make you feel better.
  • Distract yourself from thinking about them.
  • Don't change yourself just because you don't think you're a good person anymore.
  • Do all these in your own time.
  • If they start doing things like spreading rumors about you, throwing stuff "accidentally" at you, etc., ask them why, and (politely) ask them to cut it out, you're not doing of that stuff to them.
  • Don't gossip about them.


  • They might do mean things to you, e.g spread rumors about you.
  • They may try talking to your friends more to make you jealous. If they do, don't show any signs of it.

Things You'll Need

  • A strong conscience
  • A good friend

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