How to Get on House Hunters

House Hunters is a reality show on HGTV that follows individuals, couples, and families as they search for new homes with their real estate agents. If you’re interested in being featured on House Hunters, you must submit a casting application to the show’s producers at Pie Town Production.


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    Navigate to the House Hunters page on the Pie Town site at Pie Town is the production company that handles casting for House Hunters on HGTV.
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    Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the option to apply for the show as a “Buyer” or “Real Estate Agent.
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    Fill out all required fields on the online form, then click “Submit Application. You must provide your name, address, phone number, occupation, marital status, age, photo, and real estate details, such as the square footage of your current home and why you want to move. Real estate agents must provide additional details about their clients and local housing market.
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    Wait for a representative from Pie Town to contact you regarding your application. If your situation appeals to Pie Town, you will be contacted by the producers and asked to attend a casting call. At the casting call, Pie Town producers will decide whether you and your real estate situation are an ideal fit for an episode of House Hunters.[1]


  • Improve your chances of being casted for House Hunters by signing a purchasing agreement for a new home. In most cases, the show’s producers will cast buyers who are already in escrow with one of the three homes featured in the show to benefit from a quicker turnaround with episodes and filming.[2]
  • Allow your personality to shine through when filling out the House Hunters casting application. When casting for House Hunters, Pie Town looks for individuals who are energetic, passionate, fun, and have great stories to tell about house-hunting.
  • Include the most unique and interesting details about yourself, your family, your house-hunting experience, or real estate clients when filling out your House Hunters casting application. Pie Town looks specifically for individuals and situations that most viewers would consider interesting and entertaining.
  • Call Pie Town’s main office at 1-818-255-9300 or email Pie Town at to follow up on your House Hunters application. A representative can check on your application status, and inform you whether you’re an ideal fit for House Hunters.


  • Send an email to HGTV at to confirm the authenticity of any offers you receive from HGTV if you suspect you’re being taken advantage of by scammers. Include your name and a scanned copy of the letter or email you received from the potential scammers. HGTV will follow up and confirm whether you’ve been selected for a casting call.[3]

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