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Whether you want to get noticed on YouTube, get noticed at school, get noticed for a promotion or get noticed by your oblivious love interest, wikiHow can help you capture the attention of all! With the suggestions offered in this article, you'll be on your way to being the center of attention.

Part 1
How to Act

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    Respect yourself. When other people see that you don't respect yourself, they begin to worry (sometimes just subconsciously) that maybe you aren't worthy of respect. Show them how deserving you are by taking good care of yourself and showing them how much you think you're worth. Eat healthy, exercise, and practice good bodily hygiene (like taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and wearing deodorant).
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    Dress like you mean business. You should always been dressed like you expect to get noticed. Don't wear clothes that don't fit, look bad on your body, or have stains, tears, or wrinkles. These are indicators that you don't want to be seen. Instead, dress nicer than everyone else and put work into what you wear.
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    Act confident. Confidence is a very attractive quality. If you're confident, more people will notice you and will look to you for guidance and help (whether they know it or not). From people you're dating to people you work for, everyone will notice when you start acting confident. Speak up for yourself, make decisions, speak like you're sure, and stop talking like you're less. Definitely stop apologizing when you do every little thing.
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    Be social. If you want to get noticed, you're going to have to start by getting out there. Talk to people, go to events, and make friends. You want to build a network (of friends, customers, future employers or coworkers, or even just people that can help you find a date).
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    Be friendly. Be nice to people. Be positive. Be friendly. If you're a jerk who talks about others behind their back or gets randomly angry or vengeful over slights, then people will worry that they'll be next to get your mean-treatment. People might say that they like that whole cut-throat, "I'll do anything to get what I want" attitude, but really it makes people suspicious. If you're a pleasant person to be around, then you're much more likely to get help from them, promotions, or positive social (and romantic!) attention when you need it.
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    Be current. You know how you kind of worry about your parents when they keep dressing like it's 1986? Other people will worry about you if you're basically just rehashing old stuff, whether it's ideas, styles, or practices. Clinging to old ways is a sign that you don't know how to change and that you can't be creative. Instead, try to get out on the edge, constantly pressing for new and better ways of doing things.

Part 2
What to Do

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    Take initiative. Grab life by the horns. Be involved with everything that's going on around you. Don't wait for things to happen to you or for you, just get out there and make them happen. Whether you're asking your friend out on a date after 5 years of do-they-don't-they drama, asking for a promotion at work, or sending your demo to every record label on the planet: do what you have to do to start getting yourself where you want to be. The best thing to do if you want people to notice you is to make them notice you.
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    Take smart risks. To get noticed, you want to set yourself apart. You want to have something to offer that no one else can offer. The best way to do that is to take smart risks. Do something big but do it right. Weigh the risk vs the gain and only take the leap if it's worth it to you. Generally it's scary to take risks, and you might be reluctant, but you'll never get anywhere exciting in life by staying safe and in the same place your whole life.
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    Roll with the punches. Be flexible. Don't panic when things don't go according to plan. When something negative happens, turn it into a positive. When something positive happens, find a way to help carry that over for a rainy day. Your boss will be impressed, but that guy you like will also know that no matter what craziness happens in life, you can help him get through it without breaking a sweat.
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    Be a good leader and teammate. Leadership and a good ability to work with others is attractive to everyone from your manager at work to your teacher at school to that girl you really want to date. Take control of situations when you can, keep people motivated and working hard, and sacrifice your own glory for the good of the team when the time comes. People will notice because this behavior shows that you're a winner...and they'll all want you on their team.
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    Go above and beyond. People will tell you that in order to get noticed you have to work hard, but you're probably already working hard (and if you're not, start, because nothing's going to just fall into your lap). What you have to do is not just work hard but go above and beyond the call of duty. No matter what you're doing, whether it's work or trying to win your crush, you have to do more than what's expected in order to show people just how great you are.
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    Constantly improve yourself. You should work to constantly get better and keep your work and skills fresh and ever changing. Stagnant work or personality gets boring and people will get tired of you. Keep them interested and keep yourself happy by keeping your life and work exciting and new. This also means getting really good at what you do, and this is another great way to get noticed.
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    Be really good at what you do. When someone is clearly very dedicated and good at what they do, that catches people's attention. You become known as That Woman or That Guy. You're the one. The one they remember because they know if they ever want to do something like what you do, they're going to call you for help. Get good, really good, at the thing you do. It takes practice, time, and dedication but you can do it.
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    Get involved. Even if you're not necessarily good at what you do, another way to catch some positive attention is to always be involved. Get in on projects, volunteer your extra set of hands for whatever you can, and start doing things. Simply being the person that shows up when everyone else is off doing something else can get you attention from the people that matter.

Part 3
Specific Help

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    Get media success. Bursting with talent but no one seems to notice you in this big media-soaked culture? There's a wikiHow for that.
    • Succeed on Youtube. Let the subscribers be fruitful and multiply.
    • Get popular on Tumblr. Get all those reblogs!
    • Become famous. You are totally going to be the next Michael Jackson.
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    Get social success. It can feel impossible to go from that loner at the edge of the room to being the center of attention but it's totally possible with some determination and patience.
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    Get the person of your dreams. Are you invisible to your crush? Tired of blending into the scenery? You can gain their attention and win them over. Time to enjoy your happily ever after.
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    Succeed in the workplace. Do you bust your butt while your boss remains oblivious? Are you tired of watching idiot coworkers get promoted while you essentially flip burgers? You can get promoted if you follow some tips and take some initiative.


  • Remember to not overdo it. You know when you look attractive; stick to it!
  • Always remember to smile. Smiling will let everyone know that you are a fun person to be around!
  • Don't be afraid to try new things. If your style is different, i.e. goth, emo, etc. don't change yourself just for the sake of getting noticed.
  • Just be yourself. They don't really like you if you are not yourself. Be happy, and have a cheerful attitude!
  • Wear the clothes that you like, and not the clothes your mom or dad picked for you to wear. Your parents typically don't know what people your age wear.
  • Dare to show you feelings. Somebody with emotions is always more attractive to people than a stone heart. Don't fake it. All emotions are beautiful.
  • Stay true to yourself your style and always put yourself out there in the open when other people are in the shadows.


  • Don't flirt with everyone. Flirting is good, but flirting with everyone will make you look desperate and seem like a "player".

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