How to Get Noticed by Popular Kids

Being accepted into a popular group is a common goal among many young people. It can be difficult to achieve this objective, and you may not even know where to start. However, this article will guide you through the process with simple steps. You'll be catching the popular group's eye in no time.


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    Have stylish clothes. Although you should avoid directly copying their outfits, dress in a manner that is slightly similar to the popular groups. Find colors and shades that complement your skin tone. Be sure that your clothes are an appropriate fit, as well as appropriate for your body type. Add your own unique pieces for an original style that will grab attention.
    • Gradually ease into your new style. If you are accustomed to dressing in a different manner, you should slowly change your appearance. Transforming yourself overnight will cause shock and suspicion among your classmates.
    • Avoid trends. Because they fade quickly, you will struggle to keep up with the latest fads.
    • Take advantage of coupons and sales. You will not only save money but also find stylish clothes at a lower price. Never be ashamed of spending your money carefully or purchasing discount clothing. Avoid expensive purchases or frequent shopping sprees.
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    Take care of your personal hygiene and hair. Take daily showers, and use deodorant or perfume to smell nice. Invest in good shampoos and conditioners, as well as dry shampoo for emergencies. Wash your hair every two to three days. Avoid frequent washes to prevent oily hair or dandruff.
    • Experiment with different hairstyles. Find ones that complement the shape of your face. Also, learn a few easy ones so you can still look presentable if you're running late.
    • Avoid heat as much as possible to prevent brittle hair or split ends. Wash your hair in the evening to allow it to dry naturally.
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    Be yourself. Present your personality as it is without making major changes. If the popular groups like you for who you are, they'll show it. If they don't, find another group who will accept you as you are. Although you may be tempted to change yourself in order to fit in, it will only hurt you and possibly others in the long run. Maintaining a false front will eventually become tiresome. People will eventually discover who you truly are, and they will not appreciate the deception. It is better to form genuine friendships with other people rather than try to become someone that you aren't. Be you and if someone doesn't like it than thats their fault!
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    Have good self-esteem. Be proud of yourself, as people are attracted to those who show confidence. Show that you're a positive and fun person to be around. Keep a smile on your face, even if your day may not be going well. Continue acting happy, despite the fact that you may not feel like it.
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    Be confident. Having a healthy amount of pride for yourself will attract attention. By stepping out as a brave leader, you'll have people looking up to you. However, avoid being egocentric or arrogant; otherwise, people may dislike you.
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    Befriend a nice popular person. Forming a friendship with a popular classmate may open up the way for you to join the entire group. Start friendly conversations with her, making sure not to scare her off. However, your relationship with her must be genuine; otherwise, she may feel like you were using her to rise in your social status.
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    Approach your popular friend's group. Once you have established a firm friendship with one of the popular people, gradually begin to approach them when they are all together. Be friendly with them, and slowly start to form relationships. However, avoid pushing it too quickly, or they may see you as fake or suspicious.
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    Become known for a positive accomplishment. It will not only bring you good attention but also capture the eyes of the popular groups. You could be the intelligent student who wins awards, or the jock that excels in sports. Find an activity that you are good at, and do it. The key is to be busy and have great successes. Since popular kids respect that, they may come to you for help. However, avoid being too eccentric about your hobby or accomplishments; otherwise, you may be seen as strange.
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    Develop a healthy, fit body. Perform thirty minutes of exercise per day, and participate in a variety of sports. All these activities not only build your confidence but also keep you in shape. Maintain a healthy, well-balanced diet to ensure that you manage your weight well.
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    Ensure you have a group to fall back on. Generally, popular kids don't acknowledge loners or outcasts. If you're unable to join the popular groups, be sure that you have real friends to support you. They won't bother you if your group is larger than theirs.
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    Avoid drama in the popular group. Rather than getting involved, show yourself as a calm, flexible person. They will respect you for your ability to allow events to roll off your back. You'll also lower the risk of becoming hurt or gossiped about.
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    Play it cool. Although you should hang out with the popular kids, don't accept every invitation they send you. You'll show them that you have your own life as well. They'll respect the fact that you have your own schedule to follow, and that you're a busy person.
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    Spend time with your old friends. Be sure that you never forget the ones that first supported you. Sometimes, you need to take a break from the popular group and allow yourself to take a breath. If the popular group is making you feel bad, take some time away from them
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    Don't stalk the popular group. If you show yourself as clingy and seeking attention, they will refuse to be seen with you. Instead of you constantly texting them, wait for them to text you first.
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    Form genuine friendships with the popular people. Understand that while they may be popular, they're still human and sometimes need a true friend to support them. It may be easier to change yourself in order to fit in, but they will eventually discover the deception. Don't be afraid to be yourself because your personality is what makes you unique. People will look up to you if they see that you are different from others.
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    Talk to popular people online. Contacting them through online social networks may be easier than talking to them face to face. It would also save you the embarrassment of being rejected at school. However, avoid spamming or pestering them with constant messages. If they fail to respond to you, wait for a few days before contacting them again.
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    Avoid constantly watching the popular kids. If they catch you staring at them, they may believe you to be desperate. Show them that you have your own life. Rather than longingly watching them, spend time with your friends and have a good time.


  • If someone in the popular group is giving you the cold shoulder, don't worry. Be extra nice to that particular person. Don't stalk them, but if they need help, always be the first one to volunteer. This will not only make them realize how nice you are, but it will help strengthen your friendship with the other popular people.
  • Don't ditch old friends because of the popular kids. If you really dislike your old friends, let the friendship slowly fade away as you spend less time with said friends.
  • Be yourself. Just because they like Hollister and you like American Eagle or Aeropostale does not mean you have to throw out your clothes and get the same brand. Be unique, one out of a million but still be well-liked and popular.
  • Sometimes saying "hi" to someone you don't know is nice. Let them know that you are friendly.
  • If the popular kids are mean to you then don't try to hang out with them. Hang out with friends that will really always be there for you.
  • Work your way to the top one by one.
  • Be friends with one popular kid that you are good friends with, then slowly talk to people online and ask for number.
  • If the popular kids don't like you, don't get upset and try to change your image. Try to find someone that is like you and is a friend to you in any circumstances.
  • Don't do anything nasty to make them notice you!
  • Join school clubs with popular kids in them only if you genuinely like the club. If you try out for the soccer team and you are really bad, ask the popular kids to help you, and then you can start a conversation.
  • When you are more like friends, make up an inside joke. Then bring it up every once in a while and watch them crack up.
  • Don't act pretentious, squealing all the time in front of the guys. People will only get annoyed with that.
  • Hang out with people who are friends with the popular kids.
  • You can ask for a pencil you can borrow, then just pay a compliment on their shoes or sweater.
  • Don't bully other people stay nice and that is how they will notice you.
  • Don't stalk the popular kids --that is really creepy and won't make you likable.
  • Always smile and act like you are glad to be doing something, no matter what it is!
  • Some popular girls let their nails grow long so they can decorate them to look pretty. Never ever hang out with the popular kids if they are mean to you or your friends.
  • IM or call the popular person saying you forgot what page the homework was on, then just start a conversation.
  • Ask for a lot of numbers! And say "we should do something sometime." Then you don't look so desperate.
  • Make sure when you start a conversation bring up something cool like you know i just got these heels and they look cute right and if they disagree just go with it.
  • Don't try to be someone you're not. People should respect you for who you are.
  • Never go to the most popular person straight away. Gradually build up with other people first.
  • Be kind to them and maybe they would be your friend. If you see a popular kid then just compliment them buy saying "Hi! Your makeup is on point!".
  • Don't ditch your old friends for them! You might want to look cool, but ditching your friends is not worth it just to establish new ones who might not be as loyal and more shallow.
  • You are a human being, you don't have to change yourself just because the popular kids don't like your "image". If they don't respect you for your true personality, they are not the kind of people worth hanging with.


  • Just remember that being popular doesn't always mean being mean and hanging out with the popular kids. You could become hated if you get a bad attitude.
  • Hang out with everyone, spend some of your break time with the popular kids and some with other people.
  • If you have left your "fall-back group" will probably get jealous and won't be there for you if something goes wrong.
  • If your other friends feel as if you're ditching them, lay off the popular group for a little bit and spend genuine time with your friends. Invite them to the mall or something, and have a heart-to-heart with them. Remember--if you get mad at your friends for them feeling that you're ditching them, they will only think that your getting farther apart. Handle it maturely and kindly.
  • Remember, the "popular" kids aren't always the most popular. A lot of the time, no one actually likes them.

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