How to Get Nice Grades While Still Being a Cool Socialite

School is now in session, and you want to balance a good social life with your friends, and good grades... Here's the perfect guide for you.


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    Get enough sleep. This is the simplest way to get good grades in your school. Sleep recharges your brain, so when you're at school you won't fall asleep and you will have more energy to learn. (and have fun with friends)
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    Eat healthy. It is also simple and important to get energy.
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    Attend all your classes. By not attending them, you wouldn't learn a thing. You'll end up looking stupid and not cool. Instead of hanging out with friends during class, hang out with friends after class. You could get an easy F skipping classes, and maybe even risk suspension. Getting suspended isn't cool either. How are you going to keep up with your social life when your parents grounded you from the phone, and/or friends? Even worse, how are you going to get an A if you miss classes? You'll miss several lessons, and important projects and won't have time to do them later. You'll be behind with friends because you have to put extra work forward with teachers.
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    Don't sit up front. A misconception among students is that the front is the best chair. Sit where ever is comfortable for you, just not in the front of the class. You will also look a bit too eager.
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    Stay organized. Get a planner. Stay current to the date, the events like a big test, or a big party. Go nowhere without your planner. You could record homework due dates, the weather, a few notes from lessons. It's helpful, and keeps you from stressing. Time is of the essence, but be happy to live in the moment. Having your life planned ahead isn't healthy to a happy life.
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    Make homework easier and quicker by taking breaks if you're having a hard time. This helps you not to stress. Make all work easy to accomplish by breaking a big project into pieces and assigning yourself little bits of it at a time. It's another easy way to not stress over hard work.
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    Always record notes. Take them casually and not eagerly. Notes could get you an easy grade because taking notes may help you later like during your homework. Reorganize your notes and highlight the keywords during class. When doing them you increase your understanding, you could get your homework done quicker and easier. It saves time.
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    Be sure to have enough paper because you could get in trouble if not...and school is pretty evil when it's about not being prepared. Bring along extra pencils, pens and paper. All the essential elements required for every class. That way you can always be prepared for an assignment.
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    Learn to write and spell. Write drafts when doing a big project. You'll get a better grade. To get a successful quality paper re-write, proofread, and edit. Dumb spelling mishaps can take your grade down. Give in a low quality paper, you get just that, a low quality grade.
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    Study in short periods of time. Study for thirty minutes and then take a short break. Call a friend, send an email or eat a snack. Then quiz yourself. If you are sure that most of the answers are correct, then just look over it once more. Also, I've found it helps if you study right before you go to sleep and right after you wake up.


  • When hanging out with friends don't talk about school with friends. It doesn't necessarily means it lame, but I'm sure you have much more to talk about than that test (which you aced) in Mr. Johnson's class.
  • Don't overdo anything in this guide. Do them with simplicity so it won't feel as if you're working too hard. Finishing homework is simple, so is doing a project. And overdoing things may seem as if you have no life at all.
  • Don't stay up too late at parties. Set a time. Also bring a good friend along to help you keep sane.
  • Stay organized. Not being organized makes you stress. Being organized still doesn't mean you can't live the moment.
  • Eat plenty of energetic foods.
  • Remember the easy to accomplish rules. Break down into smaller pieces and make big. Just like a puzzle.
  • If you have friends that are in a lot of your classes, study with them! Have a few snacks and giggle for a few minutes, then get to work. When you're done, you can celebrate by having fun!
  • Work hard, play harder: a favorite rule. When you work first and you're more focused on your work you get done even quicker... After you work you get to hang out with your friends and have more fun.
  • Do all the work at school. Do work during your free time during classes, or in classes like tutorial.
  • Do weekend homework on Fridays at school so you won't have to worry about doing them on Saturday, or Sunday.
  • Just be yourself in all cases.
  • If you ace a test don't brag about it.


  • Don't stay up late on the weekdays for school, especially if there's an upcoming tests.
  • Be safe at parties. Keep your cups to yourself or even buy your own drinks with tops.
  • Stressing would make you miserable. You won't feel good later on. Take a relaxing de-stressing bubble bath a week. It's time to pamper yourself... it's like a pat on the back for doing a good job... and quiet from all of your friends at school. Being a socialite has its pros and cons... and having time for yourself is the best you could do.

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  • Friends, essentially
  • The following school items:
  • Textbooks
  • Paper
  • Pencils
  • A planner

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