wikiHow to Get Murray's Pomade out of Your Hair

Murray's Pomade has a difficult texture and it sticks on for a long period of time so its hard to get it off but just follow these steps and you will be able to get the toughs out your hair.


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    Pour a right amount of olive oil and rub thoroughly on your hair for a period of time till you think it has been massaged evenly. This will help get rid of the jelly feeling of it.
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    Wash out the oil using warm water.
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    Rub dish washing liquid into your hair evenly and rinse. If it does not work the first time do it again and again till there's no greasy feeling.
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    Rinse your hair and do a check to see for sure if there is no greasy feeling if not you can use shampoo or conditioner to finish the job.


  • Any other tools used (brushes or combs) that have a greasy feeling can be saved, just soak them in HOT water.
  • Dish washing liquid brands like Sunlight, Dawn, Palmolive etc. will work. Just look for "Grease Fighter" or anything similar.
  • To do a proper job, rub all of the ingredients into your hair for a generous amount of time.


  • Do not use actual dish washing detergent use manual dish washing liquid.
  • Water should not be boiling hot just a hot warm feeling.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair Conditioner
  • Water
  • Olive Oil
  • Dish Washing Liquid
  • Towel

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