How to Get Married on a Cruise Ship

Getting married at sea evokes the mental images of romantic sunsets, wedding vows under the stars and elegant reception dining. If you want to have the most memorable wedding experience, take to the seas with this guide.


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    Choose a cruise line that offers the services that you want.
    • Most cruise weddings take place in port. This option is generally cheaper and less of a hassle than having the ceremony on the open seas.
    • If you decide to say your "I do's" onboard the cruise, speak to a representative from the cruise line of your choice as early as possible. Some cruise companies, such as the Grand Princess, provide captains who will perform the service. Other lines require that you "bring your own clergyman."
    • Keep in mind that while most do, not all cruise lines offer the option of getting married onboard (mostly because of inadequate space or limited staff).
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    Plan ahead. When you speak to the representative, decide on a date & time, wedding packages, dining reservations, orchestras, invitations, rentals, etc. It's better to walk onto the ship for your wedding with everything already taken care of than having to scramble to arrange every detail onboard the ship.
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    Book your cabin and on-shore excursions as normal. You'll be doing more on the cruise than getting married, so make sure everything is to your liking.
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    Register for a marriage license!
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    Confirm everything with the cruise line to make sure it's all the way you want it to be. It doesn't hurt to call multiple times to double check everything you went over in step 4.
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    Get packed, go to the cruise ship, and get married! Bon voyage!


  • If you have friends or relatives who won't be able to make it onboard for the ceremony, some cruise lines offer webcam or live streaming video of your wedding, possibly for a fee. Don't forget to ask about this, too.
  • Some cruises will offer hard to find discounts for wedding couples, including deals on rooms, activities, dining, the spa, and excursions. Make sure you inquire about this when booking.
  • The ship may throw in some great freebies, like champagne, onboard marriage certificates, a picture with the captain, etc. These can all be great mementos of your wedding at sea!


  • Arrange for a cruise employee to keep a guest list of who will be attending the wedding, or you may have a few unannounced guests!
  • Make sure you ask for the discounts, it is unlikely that the cruise line will bring them up first.

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