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Many couples dream of getting married in an exotic location. Whether you are from Ireland or another country, it is possible for you to get married in the Emerald Isle. Ireland is a beautiful country that features several spectacular wedding locations. A marriage in Ireland will take careful planning if you are not living in the country as a citizen. If you want to learn how to get married in Ireland, follow the steps below.


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    Send a notice to the Republic of Ireland of your intention to wed. Do this 3 months before the wedding is to take place. This written notice should be sent to the district's wedding registrar where you want the wedding to take place. You can apply for an exception at the High Court Office or the Family Circuit Court, but these exceptions are not given on a regular basis.
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    Live in Ireland for at least 15 days. Both parties can live there for 1 week, and then the wedding can happen 8 days later. If you want to get married in Ireland without a license, you can do so, but the waiting period becomes much longer. You may have to wait at least 22 days before the ceremony can take place. Check with the residency requirements for the particular district you wish to get married in to ensure that you can fulfill them. If you are having a church wedding, the residency requirements may not apply.
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    Meet with the appropriate registrar to supply the necessary documentation before the marriage takes place. The registrar you visit with will depend on the wedding's district as well as whether you are having a civil or religious ceremony. Protestant and civil marriages will be handled by a separate registrar than Roman Catholic marriages. You must supply birth certificates, and if one or both parties was previously divorced, a Decree of Absolute Divorce that is written in English. If either party is a widow or widower, the death certificate must be supplied. When the registrar is satisfied, you will receive a Marriage Registration Form (MRF), which is required before any ceremony can take place.
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    Plan the ceremony. For a Roman Catholic ceremony, you need to show linkage to a parish and church. If you are divorced, you are not allowed to marry in a Roman Catholic church, but you may still be married in another church. Civil ceremonies are an alternative for those who cannot or don't want to have a religious ceremony.


  • The cost for getting married in Ireland is �150 or about $217.00.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time before your wedding date to ensure everything goes smoothly. Do not wait until 3 months before the wedding to start the notification process for your particular district and type of ceremony.
  • The minimum age requirement for Irish citizens to marry is 18 years, no matter where they get married inside or out of the country. Persons under 18 wishing to marry must receive approval through the Circuit Family Court or High Court prior to the notification process. Ireland legislation does not require persons under 18 to obtain parental consent to marry.

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