How to Get Married in Fiji

For most people an island wedding in Fiji is the pinnacle of a destination wedding, but knowing how to get married in Fiji can be confusing to anyone who has not planned an event from a distance. You will have all of the normal wedding hoops to jump through to ensure a wonderful wedding, and you will also need to make sure that your marriage is legal in your home country as well.


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    Know the information from the U.S. Department of State regarding how to obtain your marriage license in Fiji.
    • Documents that you need will include birth certificates of both people, proof of legal termination of previous marriages and U.S. passports for any U.S. citizens. If under the age of 21 years, a consent from the father that has been notarized, or a consent may be signed by your mother if your father has passed away or is unable to be located.
    • You will also need two witnesses who are over 21 years old.
    • If your parent refuses to consent to your wedding, you can obtain a written consent from a Court Magistrate.
    • Fiji does not have a residency requirement nor does it have a minimum stay requirement.
    • You can get married in Fiji without a marriage license if it is performed by the Registrar-General or District Offices. Marriage officiated in the Registry is F$22.50. This includes normal standard Marriage Certificate.
    • You can obtain a special marriage license in Fiji at the cost of 20.25 Fiji dollars, and this will allow you to have a ceremony that is performed by the Minister of Religion or allow you to have a ceremony at a location other than the Registrar-General or District Offices.
    • You must use your license within 28 days from when it was issued.
    • Marriages done in Fiji that fall in accordance with the country's legal requirements are recognized as valid in the United States.
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    To save time and effort, book an entire Fiji wedding package through a business like the ones found at: or These will often include the ceremony/reception area, your officiant and your lodging.
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    Look at availability dates and prices before settling on a particular location. Make any deposits necessary to hold the date, but make sure that what you are paying is a fair rate once the currency conversion has taken place.
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    Consider what time of day you would like to have the wedding ceremony in Fiji.
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    Notify your guests of your wedding plans in Fiji, and try to book group rates on the travel and accommodations.
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    Discuss with contact at your wedding location what is provided, and from that determine what you need to bring.
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    Make sure that you have either arranged for your over-21-year-old witnesses to come with you, or make sure that they are provided by your venue if you are not bringing additional people.
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    Confirm all travel arrangements in the weeks leading up to the event, and make sure that you have budgeted for everything that you plan to do.


  • Purchase travel insurance as this is a large investment that you want to protect in the event that something unforeseen happens.

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