How to Get Into the Spirit of Christmas

Are you going to be having a lonely Christmas? Or maybe you find it hard to get into the joy of the holiday? This article will give you tips and ideas on how to get the Christmas Spirit back in your body and mind.


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    Decorate the outside of your home! Start putting up the lights outside of your home in early December so that the whole month has a Christmas-y feel. Not much gets you in the spirit more than Christmas lights! Consider buying LED lights so that you save some money on your electricity bill and help the environment at the same time. You can have icicle lights hanging down from your roof line, light-up reindeer in your yard, a tree/bush decorated with lights, or have light-up figures of Santa in your yard. If you want something more traditional, buy a Nativity Scene and shine a spotlight onto it.
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    Decorate the inside of your home! This should also be done in early December so that you can get into the spirit earlier. Bring out your wreaths, snow globes, Nutcracker, and your other Christmas decorations to put around your house. You should be able to get into the Christmas spirit by simply looking around your living room!
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    The Christmas Tree. If you have an artificial (fake) Christmas tree, put up the tree at some point during early December. This is the perfect time, since it will lighten up the room the whole month of December, and you will be reminded of Christmas every time you look at it. If you buy a real Christmas tree each year, buy it around the second week of December so that it doesn't die before Christmas comes. For either tree, have fun decorating it! Decorate it with friends/family members. To make it even more fun, put on some Christmas music in the background, and make some hot chocolate or eggnog afterwards!
    • Make your own ornaments for the tree! You'd be surprised what nice ornaments you can make by hand. Invite some friends/family over and make ornaments together. Make pictures of loved ones into ornaments to hang on the tree, or look up some helpful guides on the Internet or in books on how to make your own Christmas ornaments.
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    Do some Christmas baking! Do you remember those Christmas cookies that your grandma used to always make during the holidays? Get the recipe and make them yourself! Look up some holiday recipes and try them out. Invite friends/family over to bake with you, or even have a Christmas recipe swap! This is a great way to add new recipes to your recipe book and socialize at the same time!
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    Get in touch with family and friends. When it comes down to it, one of the main ideas of Christmas is togetherness. Buy Christmas cards and send them out to family members and friends that you care about. This will make them happy, as well as yourself. Plus, if you send them a Christmas card, they will more than likely send you one back, which is just another thing that will get you into the Christmas spirit! Also, invite friends over to your house or out for a meal or a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Catch up and have a good time. If you really want to go all-out, throw a Christmas party!
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    Get Christmas gift shopping done early. This is a big advantage for you, since the prices won't be as high, and there's less chance that the items you're looking for will be sold out. Also, getting your shopping done early will eliminate a lot of stress during the holidays.
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    Watch some Christmas TV shows and movies! These only come around once a year, so take advantage of them! Nothing gets you into the spirit like a good Charlie Brown Christmas Special, or the classic "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" or "Frosty the Snowman". You can invite some friends over and have a Christmas movie marathon!
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    Play Christmas music as much as you can! In the background of your home, in your car...anywhere! Download some Christmas music onto your iPod/MP3 player and listen to it on the go! Don't forget to sing along!
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    Go see extravagant light displays! Go alone, or take family and friends with you to go check out amazing Christmas light displays near you. You'd be surprised at what your neighbors can do with their Christmas lights! Check your local newspaper for light displays near you, or look at websites like Tacky Light Tour or Planet Christmas.
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    Read a Christmas book! Get cozy and read a Christmas book like The story of Jesus' birth or "The Night Before Christmas" or "The Christmas Shoes". These simple things will get you into the spirit of Christmas.
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    Don't forget the presents! Buy presents for everyone in your family as well as your friends. Don't be a scrooge! If you give people presents, they will give you one back. Plus, if you buy presents for younger children, just imagine the joy on their faces when they open them! Put them under the Christmas tree and open them on Christmas day. Video tape and take pictures of everyone opening up their presents. These are nice memories to look back on, and may even make a good photo to include in next year's Christmas card! You can also arrange a gift exchange, or a Secret Santa with family and friends!


  • Whenever you aren't feeling the Christmas spirit, make a big cup of hot chocolate and turn off all the lights except the lights on the tree. It will get you back in the mood.
  • Build a fire and cuddle up in a soft blanket on a snowy night.
  • Find out about a local homeless shelter or other charity and volunteer. This provides you with companionship during the holidays and is a wonderful way to spread joy in the Christmas season.
  • If you are going to be alone for Christmas, consider collaborating with others who may be alone.


  • It may cost a lot for Christmas dinner, the tree, the cards, and the presents, but remember that it's all worth it!
  • Don't make too much of a mess of the decorations, because at some point, you will have to clean it up.

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