How to Get Into Pretrial Intervention In Williamson County, Texas

Pretrial Intervention is a first time offender's program in Williamson County, Texas. The program consists of an abbreviated probation that only lasts six months and has far fewer requirements than normal probation. There are generally some classes and community service requirements as well as a monthly email check in with the probation officer but at the end as long as the defendant follows through with all requirements in a timely manner the case will be dismissed and the arrest may be expunged.


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    Get an attorney in Williamson County who is familiar with the pretrial intervention process. While you may be able to apply and be accepted on your own an experience attorney greatly increases your chances.
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    Fill out the application. Most of this is standard who are you type information. There is an essay portion. The first essay asks for your version of the offense. Do not try to avoid blame. The program requires that you admit your wrong doing before you can be admitted. The second essay question asks about your goals and dreams. The prosecutor and probation officer want to know what you want out of life. They want you to be more than just a case number.
    • Depending on your charge there may be additional steps such as getting a drug test or alcohol/drug addiction evaluation. You must pass any drug test you are given. If you don't think you will pass you need to tell your lawyer immediately so they can buy you more time.
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    Submit the application within 90 days of your arrest.
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    Wait for your approval letter from the prosecutor. Once this arrives you will have a set amount of time to contact the probation office to set up an interview.
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    Attend your interview. Wear nice clothing and be polite to everyone in the probation office. Once again do not try to minimize your guilt or shift blame. This program is for people that accept the consequences of their actions and therefore deserve a second chance. If you look like you are trying to avoid blame or guilt you will not get in.
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    Wait for your final acceptance letter after your interview.
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    Go in for a contract signing. This is a meeting with your probation officer and a representative of the county attorney's office. They will go over all of the requirements of the program with you. Once you understand everything you will sign a contract along with the probation officer and county attorney in which everyone agrees that if you do what you are told, when and how you are told they will dismiss your case. But if you don't do what you are told they will refile your case and you will enter a plea of guilty and accept a certain plea bargain, This is binding on everyone.


  • Arrive early. You never want to be late.
  • Be polite to everyone in the courthouse. It's a small community and people talk. If you are rude it will get around.
  • Pass all drug tests. NO MATTER WHAT!


  • The application must be notarized. Do not sign it until you are in front of the notary.
  • Do not blame the cops or say anything negative about law enforcement. This is counter productive.
  • Do not write more in the essays than they give you space for.

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