How to Get Into Aromatherapy

Welcome to the world of Aromatherapy. Using essential oils in daily life can promote emotional and physical health. Essential oils can be used in many ways to deliver their therapeutic effect.


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    Oil Burners. Aromatherapy oil burner worked by heating a few drop of essential oils in a water bowl set above a tea light candle. Aromatherapy oil burner is the easiest way to benefit from essential oil’s scent, You also can try a simple blend to go with an oil burner. For a starter, put 6 drops of essential oil or blends to freshen up your room. Using heat destroys any therapeutic benefits of the oil. So this is for fragrance use.
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    Nebulizer Diffuser. Sometimes called An Electric Oil Diffuser, will allow you the ability to create many fantastic scents and expand them into the air that is throughout your home. There are many types of electric oil diffuser you can choose today. It’s the most effective and easiest way to disperse essential oils in the air. It’s recommended for emotional and mental health as well as for diseases effecting the lung, blood and the brain. Electric Oil diffuser can break down the oils into separate molecules to make easier for the aroma to be inhaled. And once you switch it on, it will last for couple hours. Make sure your unit specifies cold air and does not use heat or vibration; that would destroy active medicinal constituents.
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    Inhalation. A Steam inhalation is commonly associated with treating respiratory illness such as colds and flu. Add about 10 drops of (eucalyptus radiata, peppermint or pine essential oils) into a bowl of hot water, then lean over the bowl and cover your head with towel for about ten minutes as you inhale. This treatment is good when you having colds.
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    Sprays. If you want to quickly purify and freshen the air in your home, or in your office, make an aromatherapy air freshener. Fill 180 ml spray bottle with distilled water. Add 5-10 drops of the essential oil of your choice for each ounce of water. Shake well and use it to spray around the room as often as you need it. Remember to shake well before each new spray.
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    Aromatic Bathing. Bathing can be a pleasurable, highly relaxing experience and adding essential oils to your bathwater increases the benefits tenfold. Start by adding 6 drops of essential oils or blend into the bathwater. The scents of essential oils fill the room with delightful fragrances, while essential oils enter the skin pores and relax tired muscles.
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    Massage. When used in massage these essential oils usually dilute with carrier oils, and then applied to the skin. With this, it is absorbed by the skin, and penetrates into the tissues of the body, your blood and the interstitial fluid. Smoothing fragrant oil into tired muscle is the most pleasurable ways to relax and unwind. It is absolutely essential that you use only oils that don't say don't use neat (undiluted) not to use internally. These are adulterated and can hurt you even if you dilute them.
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    Compresses. This method is a fast and effective ways to speed recovery from muscular pain and strains after a rigorous workout, and a treatment for bruises, headaches, insect bites, toothache, spots and more. Compresses can be made from adding 3 – 6 drops of essential oils or blend into one quart of warm water. Stir carefully. Soak a clean cloth in the water, rinse it and apply to the affected area. Leave it there for 15-20 minutes. Repeated as needed.
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    Perfume. Adding essential oils in your perfume base is lot more cheaper than you bought a branded perfume which is full of chemical added. To make an aromatherapy perfume is very easy. Please visit this additional related wikihows to start your signature perfume. [Bella Mira Essential Oils] makes wonderful blends that are great for perfume.
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    Candle. Candle can be used to help set the atmosphere and improve the ambience in many situations. They can be used in any room of your home and provide a wonderful enhancement. Using aromatherapy candle has a positive effect on our body and emotions. The key is in choosing the correct scent to match the emotion or sense you wish to evoke. Just FYI there are no real essential oil candles on the market. All those sold are fragrance oils. If you are looking for medicinal benefits you have to use a cold air diffuser.


  • To make a dilution essential oil for massage, you can combine 2 drops of pure essential oils with 15 ml of carrier oil.


  • Please always refer to safety precautions on using essential oils

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