How to Get Good Grades As a Teen Without Burying Yourself Under Books

Have you ever wondered how all those people get good grades without studying all night and all day? Well, it's all about attitude. Read the guide below to help you.


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    Prioritize all your work
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    Take brief notes during class. Then you can read them over every night before you go to bed.
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    Remember, reading is not studying. Some people assume reading a book over and over helps you to remember things; taking notes and writing bullet points is much more effective. If possible, make flash cards!
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    Pay attention to the teacher during the lesson. Don't let anyone be a distraction to you in class.
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    Study for a little time but be totally concentrated and don't get easily distracted. Turn off the computer and phone to make sure you get no distractions during your studying time.
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    Be good to your teachers, do many activities.
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    Have plenty of good friends. That's very important; they support you during the tough moments.
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    If you do not understand something ask the teacher immediately.
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    If a teacher does not like you, DO NOT let that be an excuse to not try your best. The study, work hard, and be YOU, whether the teacher likes you or not.
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    Don't listen to the friends who try to make your mood off.
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    Take a planner to class. Write down all tests, quizzes, and assignments. This will help you stay focused. If you can write how much the assignment will count for in your grade.


  • When you are doing your homework make sure that you have your mindset focused on success at school and not on past/current results. To make your study effective you must have your mind laser targeted on success in the subject being studied.
  • Start your homework right after you get home - not at 10:00 at night. You will get more sleep and be more awake the next day so you can pay attention in class.
  • Use your time wisely. If you need to do work early, do it early. Then, if you get stuck, you can ask for help.
  • If you make your teacher like you as a person they will be easier on you especially if you buy them gifts on holidays.
  • Try a bit of music while working. Sometimes this can help your mind relate what you're learning. No hard rock, though, and don't play it loud.
  • Always start your homework when you first get it. You don't want to be rushing through a ton of homework the day before it is due, and some teachers may give one or two long homework assignments a week and nothing else. Once you finish that homework, you might have a day or two with no assignments.
  • Try extra credit, it helps bring your grade up.


  • Don't just slack off because you feel like it. Really try your hardest.
  • Don't do homework late at night at the last minute, especially on a computer, because then you could encounter technological difficulties.
  • Don't have friends just because you need their support, it should be a two-way friendship and you should help them too.
  • Don't study during class because you may miss something really important during class.
  • Do not procrastinate
  • Don't try to get your grades up overnight. It'll take a week or so.
  • Don't stay up late.
  • Don't blame your failures on others.
  • Put your studies first ahead of sports or other extracurricular activities.
  • Don't say: "I do not study and I get good grades. I am a genius"

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