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How to Get Good at Counting Horse/Pony Strides

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Are you bad at counting strides? Do you always get left behind or go into jumping position too early? Try using these steps to improve.


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    Start by counting your equine's strides from the ground. Lunge your equine or watch them in the pastures. This will help familiarize yourself with your equine's stride length. Do this at a walk and a trot,and maybe even a canter.
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    Take a ride-bareback! If you can, ride bareback. This can help you feel your equine's legs moving underneath you.
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    Don't be afraid to ask for help. Ask anyone who can count strides to count strides out loud with you. Do this on the flat first at a trot up to a pole, trot over the pole and keep counting strides. Go into a two-point position over the pole. Work at a canter and then set up a jump if you can and want to jump.
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    Count strides out loud before each jump, if you do jump. Be sure to start at a trot over the jump and then at a canter.
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    Create yourself a course. Remember, you don't need a horse to jump,you can set up your own course of jumps at a height that you can jump over them without straining yourself. Count your strides. It'll be easier, because you can feel when you've taken one walking stride, or running stride.
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    Watch high-level jumping competitions. This will help you see the strides taken.

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  • Be sure to take lessons with a trainer before attempting to jump-never jump alone!
  • If you're making your course,check with your parents and anyone using the arena if you can create your own course for yourself.
  • If you can't use real jump standards and poles, use your backyard,a forest preserve, or a park and set up lawn chairs and brooms. Be creative!


  • Be sure to stay safe-Always wear a helmet when you're lunging or riding a horse!
  • Wear proper equipment and do not jump alone, as it can be very dangerous.

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