How to Get Goldfinches to Eat from Your Hand

With a little patience, kindness, and some handy knowledge, having goldfinches eat from your hand is possible.


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    Attract goldfinches by setting up a finch feeder in your yard. Make sure this finch feeder is accessible easily, otherwise this is a great waste of your time.
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    Have the finches get used to your presence by getting close to the feeder while they eat. If you get too close, they may fly away, so test and practice to determine how close you should start, and try to move slightly closer each day.
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    Make a plaster cast of your hand and put it near the feeder with some seed in it to get the birds used to eating out of the human hand and won't be uncomfortable later on when you attempt to feed them. If you cannot make a plaster cast, try using a human statue with one hand extended with seed in it.
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    Once they've gotten comfortable enough to allow you to stand with them, sprinkle some seed in your hand and hold it out to them. The first birds to eat the seeds from your hand will probably be a little nervous and fretful, so for a while, just stand stock-still, only moving to replenish the seed if you must. Advancing when they just start to eat from your hand can scare the goldfinches.
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    Earn their trust and then have fun with them!

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