How to Get Furniture Into the Upper Floors of a Building

Two Methods:Using the elevatorUsing a furniture hoist

Moving into the upper floors of an apartment means great views, but it also means you'll have a whole lot of hauling to do in confined spaces. There are pitfalls from no elevator to a small elevator to having to drag everything up the stairs. Fortunately, there are also some excellent solutions to help you get your stuff where it needs to be: inside your home!

Method 1
Using the elevator

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    Speak to the building supervisor/caretaker/manager. Usage of elevators to transfer furniture can hold up the residents and there may need to be restrictions placed on the hours of use.
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    Place a protective hanging cover on all three sides of the elevator. Most elevators have small hooks or holders around each elevator wall that are designed to hold padded canvas or plastic sheets to protect the walls and any mirrors. These should always be in place before using an elevator as you never know when a piece of furniture might hit the wall and scratch it, or break a mirror.
    • If you don't have proper elevator padding, use blankets or several layers of sheets. These can be purchased from a thrift store if you don't have any old ones.
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    Shift in batches. This will be especially important if you need to hold up vehicles with your own vehicle while unloading. Doing it in batches means that you can keep moving the vehicle out of the way while dealing with each load.
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    Place boxes on a trolley, cart or other appropriate moving aid. It is important that whatever you use is stable and won't tip over, or allow boxes to fall off.
    • Furniture trolleys should be used for furniture. You may find that you can get dual purpose from type of moving aid.
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    Find out whether it is possible to lock open the elevator door. This is better than holding the door with objects while the beeping sound drives everyone crazy. It is also better for the mechanics of the elevator to be stopped rather than to continue trying to close the door.

Method 2
Using a furniture hoist

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    Hire a furniture hoist for the big and awkward items. Not everything is going to fit in an elevator or up the stairs. A furniture hoist will help here. It is a contraption that can take your items straight up from the outside ground to the balcony of your apartment.
    • Decide whether you'll need the hire for part of the day or all of the day. To save money, it is might a good idea to use this method for just the really big items and not all of your gear. Discuss the options with the hire company. However, if a lot can be lifted in one go, you may find that you can move in fairly quickly.
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    Check that the entrance way from your balcony into your apartment is large enough to admit the items being hauled up. If not, can you make a temporary change; even removing the door and replacing it may be a better solution than not getting your items in at all.
    • Another alternative might be to find the largest entry on your floor and use that to get the items onto the floor, then shift the things from there back into your apartment.
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    Have the machine haul the items up for you. Ensure that someone is in the apartment end to start unloading and shifting the items inside.


  • Lifting heavy furniture up stairs can harm your back. Always lift items properly and if you feel it is too heavy for you, do not hesitate to ask for help.

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