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Getting free stuff is not an impossible undertaking. There are many opportunities available for you to get free things. However, there are equally enough scams set up with the guise of sending free samples, but the intention to get your personal information. Review the following steps if you are interested in the ways to get free stuff without scams.


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    Set up an email address specifically for receiving giveaways and promotional correspondence. You don't want to give your private email out to just anyone. Additionally, when you register with a company to get free items you are asked to give your email address. This is so the company can continue to send promotional information to you. If you don't separate these emails from your friend and family emails, your private emails may get lost in the many promotional messages you get daily.
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    Avoid giving out all your personal information. The most you should give out is your name, address and email address. Sometimes websites ask for your birthday so they can send you emails wishing you a happy birthday. You should not have to give any more information than that. Additionally, you should never give out your credit card information or social security number for a free sample or promotional item. Steer clear of any website that asks for this information.
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    Be realistic about the products offered. You should be cautious of expensive giveaways that extend beyond a sample of a product. If you are tempted to sign-up, search the promotion for a phone number that you can call for an explanation, rather than giving away your information blindly. You could also search the Internet for feedback on the promotion. If it is legitimate, then you will find a lot of discussion on it. You will also find a lot more discussion on the freebie scams.
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    Visit legitimate websites, such as manufacturers, for free samples. You will likely be asked to register, but if you use the product on a regular basis, the manufacturer will continue to send you coupons or information on promotional items.
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    Write to manufacturers of products that you like. Explain that you use their products and are interested in free samples of current and new items.
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    Learn how to coupon so you get free stuff on a regular basis. Couponing takes a lot of time and patience but if you are willing to put in the effort, you can come home with free groceries every week. There are many websites that explain the couponing process, and many of them will tell you the deals that are happening that week and how members managed to get their shopping done free or at an extremely low cost.

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