How to Get Exercise Outdoors

The sun is out, the weather is perfect, and you have absolutely no idea how to enjoy these fantastic days? Don't worry, here are some ideas to go get some exercise in the outdoors.


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    Hike. Hiking is a great exercise that works your legs and stimulates your body. You can go at whatever pace you feel comfortable. You're in a different environment, so your body doesn't recognize it as the usual day-to-day kill-yourself exercise. Hike at a nature center or a local park.
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    Bike. Whether you're mountain biking (which doesn't have to be on a mountain) or just biking in your neighborhood or to work, biking is a fabulous cardiovascular exercise.
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    Walk. Do not go for a leisurely walk, but a real fast-paced sweat-provoking walk. Make sure you keep your legs moving enough to break a sweat! It may be beneficial going with one or two companions. However, you should work up to a rigorous walk, beginning with a ten-minute session, if necessary, and then expanding your route.
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    Tennis. If you're not sure where to find a tennis court, try out your local high school or park. Get one or a couple of friends and attempt to play tennis! Even if you're completely inexperienced, it's fun to try. It may make your arms and back sore the next day, so break in easy.
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    Run. Not just the normal, every-day running. Most people when they hear the word "running" they think of Olympians or Prefontaine. Running does not have to be long distance. You can do hill sprints, sprints on the track, ladders, etc. Mix it up!
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    Longboard. It's a great mode of transportation and is capable of doing tricks (if you can handle that!). Try to use both legs so that you aren't working only one calf muscle. Always remember to stretch afterwards and maybe go for a jog because your muscles tense up.
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    Rock-climbing. This is a fantastically fun sport. Make sure you go with someone experienced. Be prepared to have sore back, shoulder, forearm, and hand muscles!
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    Yoga. Yoga is a miracle-worker. Some people shudder at the word "yoga" thinking that it is some idol-worshipping sport. Have no fear, for yoga can be done without doing any meditation or mantras. Practice the yoga poses and stretches for an unbelievable lactic/toxin-releasing muscle-building exercise! You can go to a local park or just out on your lawn; either way, you will feel rejuvenated after yoga (the "during" part may be unbearable!)
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    Circuit. Find a field or track and do circuits! Lunges, jump-roping, push-ups, abs, squats, and various other exercises are great!


  • Some may prefer exercising at night, but exercising in the morning gives you a fresh start to the day and actually motivates you to eat better!
  • For those with a busy schedule, wake up extra early to get in an outdoor exercise! Being outdoors is much more rejuvenating and gives you a sense of accomplishment.


  • Check with your physician before embarking on an outdoor exercise program in case there are any health or age-related issues.

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