How to Get Evidence of Santa Claus

There are many ways to get evidence of Santa Claus to prove to children, friends, and even adults, that he is real. Well this is one way, made possible and easy.


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    Try sending a personal letter addressed from him.
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    Do some external reading in reference to the existence of the real Santa.
    • Buy "Flight of the Reindeer" by Robert Sullivan. It is a completely real book about Santa Claus that gives much information on it.
    • Check for other historical or Christmas related titles at the library.
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    Research, both in books, articles, online, and watching television, as well as discussing the topic with your friends and peers. Remember, though, you may subject yourself to some embarrassment being vocal about the topic in some social circumstances.
    • Read "Flight of the Reindeer", as noted in the above step.
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    Track and watch Santa. You can track Santa with the Google Santa Tracker. You could also watch The Weather Channel as they track Santa Claus' travels.
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    Attract Santa. Make your home a welcome place for him to visit, keeping the lawn and living room,very neat and tidy.
    • Decorate your house fancily for Christmas. No cheap lights. It should look like the house in the play "The Nutcracker". Make paper snowflakes and hang them everywhere. Put candles in the window and use small white Christmas lights. There are lots of nice things to buy in Christmas catalogues.
    • Have Christmas music playing at your home. It may also help if you play music from the Nutcracker, which can be found on iTunes and at the play. You have probably heard it in previews for Christmas movies.
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    Find Santa Claus yourself.
    • You need to sneak downstairs without anyone hearing you. Although it is fun to have someone come with you (like a sibling or cousin) be warned that you two are more likely to be heard.
    • Plan ahead. Make a map of your house and living room. Mark all the spots where the floor or stairs creak, etc. Map your route, emergency escape route, and hiding spots in case someone goes down to check what is going on.
    • Make a "Santa Cam". First, get a shoe box and spray-paint it a Christmas color. Put a bow on top. Make sure it looks like a real present. Then get a video camera. Put it in the shoe box, mark where the lens touches the box (this can be done by painting the rim of the lens with washable watercolor paint and pressing it against the box)and cut it out with a cardboard box cutter. The camera should be concealed in the present. Make sure the hole points towards the fireplace. Turn the camera on so it films all night.
    • If you are willing to stay up all night and want to watch the fireplace live while being hidden, here's what to do: ask a person who knows how to use a camera show you how to show how you can see what you filmed on a TV. This is done by turning the mode to VTR and plugging it into the TV with a cable that has red, white and yellow ends into the sockets of those colors. Hide the TV (which should be small) somewhere near if you don't have one in your living room. Now you can watch the fireplace hidden away.


  • Do not try sleeping in shifts. You will both end up falling asleep.
  • If you are making a video leave the Christmas Tree on all night so you can see Santa clearly.
  • To stay up for most of the night, drink an energy drink, such as Red Bull or Monster. Do not drink too much at a time, only a gulp every 20 minutes. Why? Because if you drink too much at once, you will become extremely hyper and then get what is called a "sugar rush" where you suddenly feel extremely hyper then tired. Drinking it slowly yet consistently will help you stay awake and not fall asleep.
  • If the shoe box thing does not work, hide the camera somewhere where there is a lot of stuff. For example, in a bookshelf, under the tree, behind a lot of presents, under the sofa etc.
  • Some of your friends may stop believing so try to convince them to try,then compare your evidence.
  • Make sure you stay quiet while trying to get up and turn on the camera.
  • Santa delivers one million gifts every 18 seconds, so getting proof may be hard. Keep your camera on all night. If it has a certain amount of battery, at around 10:30-11:00 you should turn it on, or when you are going to sleep.


  • Don't believe what other people tell you about Santa Claus. Your friends will probably stop believing. Your parents have stopped believing and will give you a "talk" when you are older and ask them if he exists. They will say something like "Santa Claus is the spirit in all of us."
  • Be warned that after a certain age Santa Claus stops coming, usually when we mature and enter adolescence. What do you do then? Well, you go out and find him of course. Plan to go on an expedition to the North Pole when you are old enough like Will Steger in "Flight of the Reindeer". Visit places like Hafnarfjörõur, Iceland (featured in the book).
  • Don't let Santa see you or he may not come back next year.
  • Santa does not come to everyone's house. Only the people who have been good or clever all year and need or deserve presents. Do not be disappointed if he doesn't show up every year.

Things You'll Need

  • Video Camera
  • TV
  • Cable to connect the Video Camera to the TV.
  • Shoe box
  • Spray-paint
  • Bow

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