How to Get Everyone to Know Your Name

Two Parts:Before School BeginsOn Day One

Maybe you're tired of having people forget your name. Maybe they just don't know it - but they should! Getting people to know your name is the first step towards making more friends and maybe even being popular. Here is a guide on getting as many people as possible to know your name.

Part 1
Before School Begins

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    Associate yourself with the neighborhood. Don't be afraid! If you see someone within your age range who isn't busy, walk over and introduce yourself. Say that you're new in the neighborhood and get settled with talking. Smile, learn about them, and most importantly, find out their age and school.
    • Don't be disappointed if they're not in your grade or school! It's still great to have a friend, and chances are, they'll introduce you to other people.
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    Go to your grade's orientation or similar meeting. This way, you can associate yourself with kids you'll go to school with, and know people before school starts. Also, with all the free time you'll have waiting for your parents, you can talk for quite a while. You'll be set for day one!
    • Master small talk. It's so important to show interest and continue on with conversations!
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    Find out about clubs and meetings with students that your school may be hosting before the first day. You can find of about these by going to your school's website, or contacting the school itself. It's a great way to be a part of the school before you officially begin attendance, and really creates emotional bonds with people.
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    Take a school tour. This way, you can learn where to go in the school before attending. You'll learn where all of your classes are, where you'll have lunch, where your locker is...all information that's important to understanding things in the building.
    • You'll also be able to help out other new students on their first day, which is a fantastic way to make new friends.

Part 2
On Day One

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    Participate occasionally. This is how people will hear your name - they'll listen to it and connect it with you when you have to repeat it or the teacher calls on you. Don't be afraid to participate - just don't do it too much. You might be labeled as a nerd or teacher's pet on your very first day.
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    Introduce yourself to people. Sit in the middle of the class, so you don't look too naughty or too eager. You'll also be surrounded by people to talk to! If there's only one person nearby at the time or it's a group setting, introduce yourself to them. It's as simple as, "Hi! I'm (your name)." Read the substeps for other ways to introduce yourself.
    • "Hey, what's up? I'm (your name)."
    • "Hi, I'm (Whatever your name is). I'm new here - mind if I take this seat?"
    • "Hey! I'm (Your name), is this seat taken?"
    • "Hi there, I'm (your name). What's your name?"
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    Sit with a random person at lunch. Small groups or people who are alone work best, as you're less likely to be ignored. Introduce yourself to them and find out about them. Talk a little bit with them, and compare schedules or find common ground. Compliment them if you can, and make sure to really bond with them.
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    Put effort in remembering names, and say them often. When you learn somebody's name, keep a mental note and say their name to them. If their name is Kelly, say things like, "So Kelly, what's your favorite type of music?", "Do you have any hobbies, Kelly?", or "Hey Kelly, what classes do you have?" It makes them feel cared about.
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