How to Get Electricity Connected to Your Property in Portugal

Getting mains electricity connected to a property in Portugal can be a straightforward procedure, though it can also be a minefield if you do not do the correct research before buying a property without a mains electricity supply. Unfortunately getting a mains electricity supply connected is not as simple as making a telephone call, as some websites and estate agents will tell you. Many people have fallen into this trap of purchasing a property without a mains electricity supply on the word of the agent ensuring them it is easy to get connected, only to find two years later they still have no electricity supply.


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    Make sure the property matches the correct criteria. Make any repairs necessary.
    • The Portuguese government, in conjunction with EDP, (Energias de Portugal), have implemented rules governing the new connections of mains electricity to private, habitations as well as commercial properties to ensure all safety regulations are met.
    • If a property (habitation) has never had a mains electricity supply and is deemed to be in a sub habitable condition, then the electricity supply will not be connected until the property matches the correct criteria.
    • In the case of ruins and ruined property, this will mean submitting a planning application to the local council to make the structural repairs necessary bringing the property up to a habitable condition. This includes a full new electrical system, installation of water inlet and egress pipes, creation of a septic tank, wiring for telephone and broadband capabilities and installation of pipe work for mains gas as well as any structural work which needs to be carried out.
    • All of which collectively must meet the building regulations standard laid down by the government. Only after all of this is done, the work approved and the electricity system has been installed and signed off by a registered electrician will the electric company give a connection with a definitive electric metre.
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    Consider the distance the nearest electrical post is from the property as this can be prove costly. Electrical posts are sited 100 meters (328.1 ft) apart and although you can get the electric metre sited at the edge of your boundary bringing the supply to it can be expensive. To have a post installed by the electric company will cost around 1,000 euros per post. If the nearest post is on the opposite side of the road from your property you will have to have a new post installed to ensure there is enough clearance room beneath for high sided vehicles to pass beneath.
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    If the electric supply is current, visit the main office of EDP (Energias de Portugal) to sign up to a new contract. You will need your identity documents and your fiscal card as well as some proof you are the new owner of the property (ideally a copy of the Escritura). Then the staff within the office will create a new contract for you with a start date for the electricity supply to be changed into your name. When visiting EDP it is advisable to read the existing metre as this will speed up the process.
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    Once you have signed the contract you can elect whether to have the electricity bills paid by direct debit with the bills being sent to your Portuguese address. However EDP have also introduced an online billing procedure which can be useful if your property is a holiday home.


  • Just because electricity posts are close to a property does not mean it is easy to connect to the grid if there has never been a connection. Double check this with the electricity board first before buying or agreeing to buy the property.

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