How to Get Dogs to Stop Chewing

Are you plagued by excessive chewing? Is your canine pal driving you crazy by shredding your favourite shoes? Are you ready to do almost anything to put an end to this destruction? Read on to discover how you can stop your dog from chewing.


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    Explore all the possibilities. Is your dog still a puppy? It may be teething. Are there any possible psychological implications, such as boredom or depression? There may be something important lying under the surface. This is a good rule to apply to all problems you may have with your dog, especially if it was previously fine.
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    Find a replacement. Find something your poor dog can chew! Chewing is a natural instinct and all dogs must have something to chew, just as all cats must have something to scratch. Some good substitutes include:
    • Rawhide chew toys
    • Squeaky toys
    • Bones (not chicken)
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    Whenever you catch your dog in the act of chewing something, take away the object being chewed, lightly tap your dog on the nose, and give it something it can chew.
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    When it chews something it is allowed to chew, praise it and make a big fuss of it, and/or give it a low-calorie, small treat.
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    If nothing seems to work, consider taking your pet to a doggy psychologist. Fido may have seem to have a mental problem, but it is simply your inability to understand a dogs needs.


  • Don't give your pet too many toys as it may be unable to tell what is a toy and what isn't.
  • Never give your pet chicken bones. They may splinter and cause it to choke. And don't scoff just because it hasn't happened yet - it only has to happen once.
  • Don't give your dog an old shoe or something else it normally isn't allowed to chew, otherwise it may not be able to distinguish between what it can chew and what it can't.

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