How to Get Discovered Using ViewMyAct.Com

The Internet technology world we live in today has altered in many ways how we as people accomplish things. There are many talented people in this world. In the past, not everyone had the money or capabilities to fly to the bigger filming cities for auditions, tryouts, etc. Aspiring Models did not have thousands to give Modeling Agencies to build a portfolio of photographs for them to never be chosen by a Designer to model their clothing. Hence, there were so many talented people in this world that never got that chance to get discovered. Now, we have the internet. Many people are getting noticed just by posting pictures or videos of their talent online. The professionals, talent scouts, and music producers etc are reaching out to the talented people rather than the talented people reaching out to the professionals. is a great new site that has an American Idol/You Tube theme. But it's based solely on Talent. Therefore, the scouts will not have to fumble through thousands of videos and easily look over yours. Here are some steps to uploading some great eye-catching videos to


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    State your Login ID or your ViewmyAct assigned UserID, today's date, and your age. For privacy purposes please do not state your real name.
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    If applicable, specify any notable work you have done with this special talent of yours. Past video accomplishments are fine but please begin with step 1 to prove that this is truly you and this is how you appear at present day.
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    Produce a home made video of you performing your talent.
    • Again, videos of past work are welcome! However, interested parties would rather see you in a current state if possible
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    Remember to tell your friends and family to visit the site and cast a vote for your video. If the public likes you the Professionals already know you are going to succeed.


  • Mock Interviews/Video Resumes - If you are looking for a better job please put your suit on and sit behind a camera and perform a mock interview. Tell all your experience, education, etc. Get the job you deserve. Let the company see and heard you before they waste money on flying you there for that interview.
  • Athletes - Show some highlight video of you in action..high school stats that can be proven can be placed in windows movie maker. Professional teams are doing a lot of their recruiting online nowadays. It saves them thousands in travel costs.
  • Models - Best results will be you modeling some different the catwalk..stand tall and proud. Swimsuits are fine but please be tasteful.
  • Actors/Actresses - Produce a short skit ..try to show all emotions..happy, mad, sad, etc.
  • Comedians - Do some stand-up of course, maybe can help get you on a stage performing in front of a live audience. Please keep this as tasteful as possible.
  • Dancers - Record your best moves on video

Things You'll Need

  • Video Camera
  • Windows Movie Maker (in some cases)
  • Talent

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