How to Get Dark Makeup Without Over Doing It

When you can't seem to find make-up that fits your face without going overboard, check out these amazing tips to a flawless look.


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    Get the right foundation for your skin. No matter what skin you have, a good foundation will cover up any flaws, and foundations with moisturizer are a must because they cover up and don't show dry skin. Apply a little on the tip of your nose, forehead, and both cheeks. Blend until it looks like your natural skin colour. If you already have rosy cheeks(like I do ;]) then don't apply blush. If you don't have naturally rosy cheeks, apply a blush color that compliments your color. Dark skin, try one with yellow or orange tints. Light brown skinned, try tints of yellow and red. Light to pale skin, try a foundation with yellow and peachy undertones and tints.
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    Get some complementary makeup for the foundation. If you don't already have makeup at home, go ahead to your nearest drugstore or mall and pick out some cool shadows, liners, mascaras, lip stuff, and hair accessories.
    • If you have blue eyes, try a green shadow. Brown or green eyes, try dark purples and plums or orange-y reds.
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    Try using lip liners. Eye and lip liners come in so many colors and types! It may feel overwhelming at first, but most stores will let you sample certain products. Eye liner for a "dark" look can range from black to very dark red or purple. Lip liner should be ONE shade darker than you lip color. (it may be best to do this AFTER applying lip gloss, stain, or stick.) Also, if you want a dark eye, avoid a dark lip and vice versa. Read on...
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    When you apply your eye makeup, start with the shadow. Apply a light shade to your top lid with a small brush or stick. Then apply a smokey gray to the crease.(the crease color will depend on the color of the lid shade) Then, apply your liner. Liner should only be applied to the bottom lid. A thin line from the outer corner of the eye to the inside stopping a cm. before the inside corner will do fine! Avoid putting too much shadow under the bottom lid, but this is optional if you do.
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    Now that you have the dark eye, experiment briefly with the lip color you like. If you already feel you have applied a dark and smokey eye look, you should consider skipping this step. If your eye makeup is dark without looking vampire-ish, continue. Drug stores especially, have a HUGE variety of great lip products. Ranging from neutrals to pales to plums to neons, it is important to find some lip stuff that not only compliments you face, but the makeup you've got on at present.
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    If you have applied a very dark eye, try a neutral lip gloss. In other words, a gloss that matches the color of you natural lips. If you have applied a slightly dark eye, try a rosy color such as fuchsia, coral, or pink with red tones. If you want a more emphasized lip, try using a subtle lipstick OR liner (not both) then applying a light or neutral lip gloss over that. If you have applied a light eye or a subtly dark eye, you are free to experiment with almost any lip color you choose! Try a plum, a dark red with gold undertones, or go au-naturale with a neutral, pale/frosty pink, or peachy.
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    Finally, be sure your eye and lip makeup should match. If you feel like you look silly, you probably do! But this CAN be fixed. Just use a good makeup remover and try again! Once you are all set, you can add some accessories to your hair such as cute/glittery clips and clips that match the color of your lips. Have fun with this and make sure you like what you've done. Again, any mistakes are fixable, but practice before going all out.
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    Just rock your look! Smokey eyes, killer lips and airbrushed-looking skin will blow your friends away! Don't be afraid now to narrow your eyes at an enemy, or grin flirtatiously at your crush. Just let your creativity and new look shine!!!!!


  • It is okay to experiment and have fun. Dark makeup is an instant confidence booster. Trust me ;))))))
  • Don't be afraid to suggest this look to friends. Help your buds look as great as you do, and be the 3,4,10 musketeers!!!
  • This look is great when going out, especially in the evening.
  • Don't try this look if you are in a really big hurry. It WILL take practice and a few trial runs to find the makeup and colors that look best on you.


  • People may try to tell you that your dark makeup look makes you look like a poser. Like you're trying to be "emo" or whatever. I got that a lot over the summer when I changed my look with makeup and hair and stuff. They just don't know how great you are!! If they can't also see the beauty within, they are not truly your friends or acquaintances.
  • Fierce! Bold! Imaginative! Don't let anyone take these words out of your vocabulary. This look will add a little extra something to your look. Own it
  • When you apply mascara, or eye liner, it may sound silly but, DON'T POKE YOUR EYE OUT! You can get sties, infections, and red eyes if you poke your eye with a germy mascara wand or liner, especially if it is someone else's. So be cautious and go slowly.
  • Take your time, there is no rush.

Things You'll Need

  • Foundation
  • Blush
  • Eye liner
  • Eye shadow
  • Lip gloss/stick/stain/liner
  • Moisturizer (optional)
  • An eye for detail

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