How to Get Career Exposure Online

Whether you are a freelance writer or an engineer looking for a job, it's easy to get career exposure online with simple tools ranging from social media networking websites to memberships with industry trade groups that maintain an active Internet presence. Any time you participate in online activity with these career entities, you are building your professional reputation as long as you keep your interaction professional, smart and current.


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    Create a website and blog. Your Internet career presence begins with a simple but professional website highlighting your capabilities, achievements and goals.
    • Take advantage of free website blog templates available from your Internet service provider or online publishing websites such as These simple tools allow anyone to create a professional online presence without any programming knowledge.
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    Blog about your profession on your website. Talk about what you know best in short, concise articles of no more than 500 words and publish them on a regular basis. Consistent activity positions your website high in Internet search rankings, which keeps your professional reputation current.
    • Utilize search engine optimization tactics in your blog posts. This practice involves carefully choosing key words for article titles and descriptions in order to make it easier for people to locate you on the Internet.
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    Join a professional networking group for your industry. Whether you are a writer, marketing consultant or artist, you'll find hundreds of professional groups with an online presence.
    • Choose the most active organizations that best utilize Internet tools such as discussion forums and online publications. These online tools help build professional relationships and boost online career exposure whenever you interact with others to discuss shared interests.
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    Contribute articles. Submit to affiliated trade publications and industry organizations with an active online presence. Look for industry groups with regular blog posts and online magazines.
    • Contact the organization's editorial director to learn how you can submit an article about a specific topic.
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    Participate in social media networking websites. Choose a social media outlet that allows you to project your most professional online presence.
    • Create a social media profile on your selected site. Regularly maintain your profile with frequent updates about your latest accomplishments, career goals and other news about your industry.


  • Having a single, well-maintained social media profile in one networking site is better than having multiple profiles scattered throughout the Internet. Profiles with more consistent activity give a better impression to industry colleagues than many profiles with outdated information.
  • Acquire a distinct Internet domain for your website and blog. Choose a domain that incorporates your company name or professional focus to help build your reputation as an expert in your field.


  • Use discretion whenever you're participating in online activities. A careless remark made on a website unaffiliated with your career can ruin your Internet career presence if someone performs a search about you and discovers your poorly chosen words.

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