How to Get Boring Homework Done Fast

Do you find yourself waiting until the last second and then scrambling to finish your homework? It's usually the most boring homework that we dread doing, but like all the rest of your homework, it simply has to get done.


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    Change your location. Often when trying to complete boring homework in the comforts of your own bedroom, it's very easy to get distracted. Whether it's falling asleep, watching TV, or reading your favorite book, the best way to get homework done quickly is by eliminating all of these distractions.
    • Try grabbing your books and heading to a cafe or your local library. If you feel yourself getting distracted, remind yourself that you are there for one reason and one reason only, and you can go home once you're finished.
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    Tell everyone you're going to do it. If changing your location isn't an option, try sitting out in the open. Announce to your family that you're going to start your homework, and then plop yourself down in the middle of the living room. Now that you've made it clear to everyone that you're going to finish it, you may feel guilty or embarrassed about getting distracted, which can help prevent you from reaching to check your phone or turning on the TV to watch a show.
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    Make a list. Making a list of everything that you need to finish can help you focus on each individual task rather than stressing about everything all at once. Also, you get that feeling of satisfaction when you get to cross something off.
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    Motivate yourself. Try rewarding yourself in between assignments. Decide something like "after I finish these five math problems, I get to play a game on the computer for 3 minutes" or "I get to eat two gummy worms every chapter". Getting to do something you actually want to do after you finish a section of homework is great motivation.
    • If you decide to make a list of everything you need to do, you can put these rewards somewhere in your list so you have planned out when you get the reward and how much you get of it. It's important to limit these rewards so you go back to your homework when you're done. Before you start, decide that your reward will be just 5 min long or some other limit so that you don't just forget about all the homework you need to do.
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    Get help. Forcing yourself to do any homework is hard, but especially when it's something you have trouble doing. Don't be afraid to ask a parent, older sibling, or even email your teacher for help. This can make the task of homework much easier and less time consuming. Make sure, however, that you don't let anyone just do the work for you, because most teachers can tell when the work is not your own, and you also won't get a good understanding of the concept.
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    Get a Homework Buddy. Pick someone from one of your homework-heaviest classes and invite them to your house or meet them at a cafe or the library to work on homework together. Try to pick someone who you're maybe not the closest of friends with so you don't end up just goofing off the whole time, but still someone who you wont be super uncomfortable hanging out with.
    • Having someone to do your homework with is helpful in a lot of ways. You have someone to help you work through hard and confusing questions, someone to keep you on task, and being with another person can make the boring task seem a whole lot more fun.


  • If you're going listen to music, pick something quiet and soothing that won't distract you from your work. Unfortunately, this is not the time for your favorite playlists.
  • Don't procrastinate. I know it's hard, but try to get your homework done as soon as possible to avoid stress later
  • Schedule a certain time to do your homework.
  • Don't be a perfectionist. If you do end up procrastinating an run out of time, don't worry about making it perfect unless it's something really important like a graded project or reading that you're going to be tested on next class. Don't stress about screwing up on the little stuff like math homework and remember that it's just one assignment and it won't affect the rest of your life.


  • Everyone learns differently, so some of these ideas may not be helpful for you. Don't try to do homework in a way that doesn't help you just because it works well for someone else. Find out what works best for you personally and try to stick with that.

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