How to Get Bloggers to Post a Press Release

Two Methods:Writing a Blogger-Friendly Press ReleaseDistributing a Press Release to Bloggers

A press release announces a new product, business or event in a convincing way. Often, the same press release is distributed to television stations, newspapers, websites, radio stations and more. An optimal press release distribution method aims to get the online community discussing it. One of the best online avenues is the blogging world. There are millions of bloggers in thousands of niche markets that can be convinced to post exceptional content on their website. You must learn to create good content and the best practices of convincing a blogger to distribute it through their site. Learn how to get bloggers to post a press release.

Method 1
Writing a Blogger-Friendly Press Release

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    Create a press release that is creative but search engine optimized. This is a hard balance to create; however, it is important that it is not bland, but also not too poetic or cliched. Figure out 3 to 5 keywords that should appear a few times in your press release that explain the industry, the brand and the product.
    • A blogger wants to feature top quality content. Your press release must be top quality, with a short but catchy description of the product or event. Include links to exceptional pictures, quotes and other exclusive content.
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    Offer something that is mutually beneficial to each blogger. There are a number of things this could entail, including coupon codes, good affiliate marketing percentages, free tickets or products, exclusive content to feature on their website or another creative idea. A blogger wants to see the benefit in advertising your press release for the blog and the readers.
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    Increase the probability of a blogger using your press release. Include the following things in your press release to make it more valuable:
    • Include quotes. Quotes from the people creating the product allow bloggers to have a piece of "on the record" information right from the source. It is better to have the information straight from the source than for a blogger to have to guess why you have done what you've done.
    • Always provide additional information. Let the reader know where they can learn more. The blogger should be able to do additional research instead of just giving 1 story. Connect the press release to what is going on in the world, community and other stories.

Method 2
Distributing a Press Release to Bloggers

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    Submit the press release to bloggers you are personally familiar with first. If you don't know any bloggers personally and you will be pitching to bloggers for your job, now is the time to become part of the blogging community and get to know them personally.
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    Submit to bloggers that are in your niche. You want to hook and interest bloggers that cater to the kind of people you would like to notice your product or event. Sending it to bloggers outside of your niche will most likely be wasted time and effort.
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    Search for bloggers in your niche. You should track down 20 to 100 to create a large base for releasing your information. The following are ways that you can find blogging leaders for press release submission:
    • Do a Google search with the subject matter and "blog" as keywords. You should find a couple of pages of blog listings to research and submit to.
    • Do an advanced Twitter search to find bloggers who regularly communicate with a Twitter and blog community. You can find blogging leaders on Twellow, or you can find localized bloggers on the Twitter site, using the search or advanced search method and a subject matter.
    • Search for other bloggers on Technorati, Findory, StumbleUpon, Feedster and Bing. Each of these places has a blog directory search. Use your press release's subject matter as a keyword.
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    Find the contact info, including the email, of anyone you have researched and want to submit to. Don't spend time researching a blog if an email isn't listed because it will be more difficult to send them a press release.
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    Write a short introductory paragraph that compliments the blog, a specific blog post and tells how this press release applies to their reader demographic. Avoid sounding formal or like you are writing a spam email to hundreds of bloggers - the extra time spent on research and writing from a human perspective will pay off in readership.
    • Be brief. A popular blogger does not have much time to spend reading emails, so be sure to say what you want to say in approximately 5 sentences. If possible, include a short part of the press release below your introduction and include a link to read the rest of it.
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    Consider hiring a press release distribution service. These services submit to news channels, websites and blogs. For a price, they will review your press release, include important key words and spend the time sending it out to potential bloggers.
    • Although a press release distribution service can be expensive, it is important not to choose simply based on price. A poorly written or edited press release is better off not being sent at all, because no one will look at it. A press release should have an introduction written to each blogger, with promotion offers, to increase the chance of it being run.

Things You'll Need

  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Exclusive content
  • 20 to 100 bloggers
  • Contact information
  • Press release distributor
  • Research

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