How to Get Beautiful Eyes

Three Methods:Adding Makeup to your EyesImproving your Health Care RoutineUsing Natural Items as Beauty Remedies

Your eyes are often the first thing people notice about you when they see your face. Tired, puffy or red eyes can be less attractive and add years to your age. Too little sleep or too much stress can exacerbate tired or puffy eyes. Try these tips to restore your eyes’ youthful appearance, clarity and brightness.

Method 1
Adding Makeup to your Eyes

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    Dab concealer underneath your eyes. Concealer is a base foundation that can offset the color of a dark circle under your eye. Choose a color of concealer that has opposite tones of color from the tones that are in your dark circles. For example, if your dark circles have yellow tones, use a concealer with a purple tone. This will help neutralize the dark color under your eyes. Alternately, you can choose a concealer that is one skin tone lighter than your own skin tone. Gently dab the concealer under your eyes and tap at it with your finger, blending it across the skin under your eyes to make sure it is not noticeable. If you aren't able to buy concealer you can make your own by mixing equal parts of lotion and a powder that suits your skin colour then apply it.


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    Apply eyeliner properly. Using a dark eyeliner, draw a line about halfway or two-thirds across both the bottom and top of the eye, right along the lash line. Drawing all the way across your eye to the inner corner will make your eye look smaller. Eyeliner that is applied about halfway across will help make the eye look elongated. Draw back and forth across the lash line with your eyeliner pencil a few times.[2]
    • Try a light-colored eyeliner. By using a light eyeliner or even white eyeliner, your eyes will attract and reflect light, which will help make it seem like your eyes are larger. Line the bottom lash line with a white or silver eyeliner. Your eyes will reflect more light, and your eyes will give the illusion of being brighter and wider.[3]
    • You can also use a white eyeliner pencil to line the inner corner of your eye on the top and bottom lids. This will help make your eyes look further apart.[4]
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    Use eye shadow to make your eyes look bigger. You can accomplish this by using three different shades of eye shadow: light, medium and dark. Use the light colored shadow on the lid and brow bone, and apply medium colored shadow in the crease of your eye. Use a dark shadow or eyeliner along your lash line. Then add a shimmery colored shadow in the corners of your eyes, which will attract and reflect light.[5]
    • If you wear glasses, think about how your glasses look with your eye makeup. A general rule of thumb is to wear bolder, brighter eye colors with lightweight, transparent frames. If you wear heavier frames, think about toning down your eye makeup.[6]
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    Shape your eyebrows. Your eyebrows are frames for your eyes, and their shape can make your eyes appear to be certain shapes as well. Pluck, thread or wax your eyebrows to give them shape.[7] Remove stray hairs regularly, but be careful not to overpluck your brows. Or, you can use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your eyebrows, especially if they are thin, light, or irregularly shaped.[8] Use an eyebrow gel in your natural color to seal your eyebrows so they don’t smudge.
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    Use an eyelash curler. An eyelash curler, which is readily available at drug stores and grocery stores for about $5 to $6, will clamp your eyelashes and bend them upwards in a curl. Curling your lashes upward will make your eyes appear to be bigger and more open. They can also draw attention to your eyes by making your eyelashes appear longer.[9], [10]
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    Thicken your lashes with mascara. Use a thick mascara that coats your lashes thoroughly. There are many different kinds of mascara, from thickening to lengthening to waterproof. Try out a few different kinds to see how they look with your eyes. Get close to the roots of your lashes, applying mascara at the lash line. Try a fan brush[11] or a brush that is curved, which will apply the mascara closer to the roots on all of your lashes. Or, try holding a business card above your lashes as you apply and brush the mascara into your lashes against the card. [12]
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    Wear fake eyelashes. If your eyelashes are short or you would like an especially dramatic look, attach fake eyelashes. Also known as “falsies,” these are available in various lengths, colors and textures, and can transform your eyes into something spectacular. Try different types to see how they look with your eyes.[13]

Method 2
Improving your Health Care Routine

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    Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Getting enough sleep every night will ensure that your body is rested and consequently that your eyes look rested. Get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Going to bed and getting up at consistent times will help your body adjust to getting the right amount of sleep.
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    Drink plenty of water. Beautiful eyes rely on hydration, and keeping your body hydrated will help replenish your body’s fluids, thus reducing puffiness and redness in your eyes. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of plain water every day, or approximately 64 ounces. Drinking throughout the day is a good approach. If you are in a particularly dry climate, you might want to increase your water intake. Similarly, if you are exercising, you should replenish the water your body loses through sweat with additional water consumption.
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    Don’t smoke. Smoking irritates the eyes and can cause redness. It can also dry out the eyes. Eliminating smoking from your daily habits can help your eyes restore their natural color and hydration.
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    Cut down on alcohol and caffeine. Both of these will dehydrate your body and add to puffiness and redness to your eyes. Cutting down on your intake of both will help your body restore its balance of hydration. Remember that it's not just coffee that has caffeine; some foods also contain caffeine, such as chocolate. Alcohol and caffeine also can interrupt good sleep patterns, which may interfere with you getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night.
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    Eat healthy foods. Reducing the amount of foods that contain refined carbohydrates and sugars, as well as wheat, can help your body process foods better.[14] Decrease the amount of unhealthy foods you eat, particularly at night. Increase your intake of foods rich in vitamin A, C and E, including vegetables such as spinach, kale, carrots, and collard greens, and fruits such as oranges, melons, strawberries, peaches and avocados.[15] Also eat more protein, such as poultry, red meat, eggs and dairy.[16]
    • Dark circles under the eyes may be a sign of a dairy or gluten intolerance or other food allergy. If you continually have dark circles under your eyes, you may want to try eliminating certain foods from your diet to see if this improves the condition of your eyes.
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    Get enough exercise. A healthy lifestyle must include adequate exercise, which will help you lose weight, stay toned, and remain youthful. Getting out in the fresh air in particular will give your face a healthy glow and help your eyes sparkle.
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    Reduce eye strain. If you spend hours at the computer staring at a screen, your eyes will start to strain and grow tired. Be sure to give yourself plenty of breaks from computer work, getting up to walk around or switch to other tasks for at least a few minutes at a time. Blink frequently to ensure that your eyes don’t dry out; dry eyes can contribute to redness.[17]
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    Wear sunglasses when you’re outside. Protect your eyes from UV rays by wearing sunglasses. If you’re out in the sun, you have a tendency to squint more frequently, and your eyes will develop wrinkles and fine lines around their edges. Wearing sunglasses, especially larger frame ones, will reduce this tendency to squint and will also protect your eyes.[18]
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    Reduce environmental irritants. Allergens, smoke, haze and other materials in the air may irritate your eyes, contributing to redness, puffiness and general irritation. Reducing your exposure to these irritants may help reduce your eyes’ adverse reactions and help make your eyes look and feel better.
    • Use eye drops to reduce redness that may be caused by allergens. Eye drops like Visine helps eliminate redness and makes the whites of your eyes appear whiter, which will in turn make your eyes appear brighter.
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    Apply eye cream underneath your eyes. Eye creams can contain a variety of ingredients that help reduce puffiness, tighten skin and lessen wrinkles and fine lines, including grape extract, mulberry extract and caffeine, among others. There are eye creams that are intended for daytime application and are more suitable for moisturizing. Nighttime eye creams are typically more restorative. Dab your finger in the eye cream and gently dab it along the bottom of your eye from the inside to the outside.[19]

Method 3
Using Natural Items as Beauty Remedies

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    Place cucumber slices on your eyes. Slice a couple of thin slices from a fresh or cold cucumber. Place these over your eyes for about 10 minutes or until the cucumber slices get warm. Cucumbers have high water content, and this water will transfer to your skin, helping to hydrate the area around your eyes.[20]
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    Place chilled black or green tea bags on your eyes. Tea bags have long been known as a good remedy for puffy eyes. Place two wet tea bags in the freezer to chill them. They do not need to freeze overnight, since you want to be able to lay them on your eyes comfortably. Green and black tea contain bioflavonoids, which are known to assist in the body’s reactions to allergens and inflammation, among other benefits.[21] Place the tea bags over your eyes for about 10 minutes, or until the tea bags are warm. Rinse your face with cold water.
    • You can also rinse your eyes in green tea or chamomile tea as a cleanser. Steep a tea bag in boiling water in a mug. Allow the tea to cool at least to match your body temperature. Wash your eyes with the tea, and then wash your face as you normally would.[22]
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    Use cold spoons on your eyes. Freeze two metal spoons overnight. Place the rounded sides of the spoons against your eyes in the morning. They will feel very cold, so you will likely need to place them on your eyes for as long as you can manage and then take them off to give your eyes a rest. This will increase blood flow to your eyes and reduce puffiness.[23]
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    Make a mask of egg whites. Beat a few raw egg whites together. Apply this mixture to your eyes as a mask and leave it on for about 15 minutes. Rinse off your face with cold water. This mask will make the skin around your eyes feel tighter, which may help your eyes look more youthful.[24]
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    Use potato slices. Potatoes are astringent, which will help reduce puffiness. They also have catecholase, an enzyme that combats dark circles by brightening the skin under the eyes.[25] Cut a couple of slices from a raw potato. Put these slices in the fridge or freezer to chill them (about 15-30 minutes). Place these slices on your eyes for about 10 minutes or until the slices are warm. Rinse your face with cold water and pat dry with a towel.
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    Use cotton balls soaked in cold milk. Pour a small amount of cold whole milk into a cup. Soak two cotton balls in the milk until they are saturated with milk. Lay back with your head resting on a towel to catch any drips. Place the cotton balls on your closed eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes. Wash and rinse your face, and pat dry with a towel.
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    Slice strawberries to put on your eyes. Strawberries are useful in reducing puffiness because of their anti-inflammatory properties, and they also contain alpha-hydroxy acids, which are typically included in expensive face creams. Alpha-hydroxy acids enable the skin to slough off dead cells, making skin look younger.If you start to feel pain make sure to remove the strawberries immediately because they can have reddening effects.[26] Cut the tops off a couple of fresh strawberries, and slice up the strawberries. Place the slices over your eyes for about 5 minutes. Wash your face with soap and water.
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    Use herbal remedies. There are a number of herb-based remedies that can help reduce puffiness in eyes and restore clear, bright eyes. Some of these remedies include rose water, mint leaves, lavender, fennel, honey and cardamom, turmeric and amla. Search online for specific recipes and directions on the proportions for these mixtures.[27]


  • If your eyes are puffy, red, irritated or swollen, you may be suffering from a medical condition, such as a stye, conjunctivitis (pink eye) or an eye injury. If you suspect any of these or other medical issues, consult your physician.

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