How to Get Away With Smoking Inside

First off, to make it clear, you may skip step one and you don't have to wait until night. You can simply wait until people are out of the house, or sleeping, or being occupied with another task. Make sure before you start smoking, to make sure there is as small of a chance possible of some one noticing. Continue to read for helpful tips.


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    Wait until night. Why? if you act as if you are going to bed, there is a less chance of your parents bothering you, and they won't be in your room for the rest of the night.
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    Get a blanket. Put it in the spacing between the bottom of the door and the floor. This will make it so that smoke won't escape from your room into the rest of the house. remember, non smokers will smell the smoke. ALSO- make sure the blanket isn't sticking out under the door into the hall. this makes it obvious you're trying to hide something. DON'T FORGET TO LOCK YOUR DOOR!
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    Open a window. This will allow the smoke to go outside and the room will be refreshed with new air. note that air doesn't escape immediately, so it will take anywhere from 15- an hour to air out depending on how much you open the window.
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    Do a "pre spray". This is where you take a spray/ air freshener and spray the room. This just makes it safer that the smoke will get masked in with the spray, and will make it harder to detect there is smoke in the room.
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    Get another blanket. Sit on the floor. Make sure the blanket is big enough to cover you, a lamp, and reach the floor. Before you do this, turn off the lights (This also makes it more fun)
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    Turn on a TV or fan. Just to make some more noise.
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    Have an extra article of fabric with you. This is so when you inhale, and exhale, you exhale into the fabric to help absorb the smoke. (This fabric can be a shirt, towel, or stuffed animal.)
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    Put your smoking devices and lighter away. Don't put this in your dresser or desk. it is so obvious. The moment your parents get a hint you're smoking, these will be the first places to search. Instead cut a slit into an old stuffed animal and put it in there, or you could put it in your bed frame.
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    Respray. Spray your blanket you sat under. Spray where you hid your smoking device. Spray all the corners of your room. Spray yourself. Spray the center of the room. Spray by the door. Spray the fabric you breathed into.
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    Light incense. This will help mask the smell AND the smoke from the incense will blend with the smoke that slipped out when you exhaled, just in case your parents want in, they can blame the smell and smoke on the incense.


  • If your parents ask why the door is locked, tell them you were changing.
  • Don't forget to lock the door, if you do not have a lock on your door, put a chair or something heavy against it. if it is not nighttime and they ask why the door is blocked tell them you are re arranging furniture

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