How to Get an Invitation to Invitation Only Websites

There are many websites where only invited users can sign up (e.g. Faceparty, InterNations,Tuenti, etc.). If you want an invitation to these kind of sites, follow the steps below. If you fail to get an invitation after a step, move to the next one.


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    If you know that one your friends is a member, ask him to send you an invitation. Saying that you are very interested in this particular website can be very convincing.
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    Post a tweet, a status on Facebook or a blog post asking your cyber-friends to help you out finding an invitation. You can also become a member in technology forums and ask the users for an invitation. (Technology forums are more likely to have members that are already in an invite-only site).
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    Subscribe to sites that promise to send you an invitation. There are many sites out there which can invite you to members-only websites in exchange with some comments on their articles or subscribing to their newsletter.
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    Exchange invitations. E.g. if you are already a faceparty user and want to enter Tuenti, ask a Tuenti user to invite you. Promise to invite back.
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    Ask for invitations on "asking sites" such as Yahoo Answers.
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    Send a motivation email. Some sites (i.e InterNations) allow non-members to send an email to the owners of the site explaining why they think they should be part of this private community.
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    Buy an invitation. If you cannot find an invitation by following the previous steps and still need one, there are sites that actually sell invitations.


  • Search about the invite-only website you are interested in. Follow their code of conduct when writing a motivation email.
  • Google usually launches a service in beta mode and sends invitations to limited people. After a while, the service is open to public.


  • You will probably find yourself begging for an invitation, especially for the very exclusive sites.
  • Beware of the sites to which you give your personal information. They may fill your inbox with spam emails.
  • Do not believe every blogger/site owner who says he is going to send you an invitation. Search for comments and see other users' reactions.
  • Know your budget. An invitation to the extremely exclusive might cost 150$ or even more.
  • Only 20% of the "A Small World" members have inviting privileges. This means that the chances you get an invitation for this site are almost zero.
  • Read about the sign up requirements. For example, mixi requires you to have a valid Japanese cellphone number, and Face-party will ask you to buy a unique, one use only password via text message or PayPal.

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