How to Get an Autograph at a Baseball Game

Baseball is one of America's favorite pastimes. It is not always easy to get autographs. Collecting autographs of the players, coaches and managers is not only a great hobby but can turn into a lucrative business. How can you keep from being ignored and have better opportunities to get autographs?


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    Try to get seats up front close to the field but not behind the net. You should also get up front during batting practice or warm-ups. Players will sign items before the game with generosity.
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    Observe where the players stand, wait, or offer autographs at games. You may not be able to get the autograph during the game but can try to catch a player after the game, before the game during warm ups or post game near the player exit.
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    Visit home games regularly and determine the best place to sit to have player interaction and the chance for an autograph.
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    Have a quality photo, licensed merchandise, or licensed product available for the athlete to sign and the pen ready to go.
    • Keep a pen which is permanent and won't bleed or discolor for them to use.
    • Check hobby stores or memorabilia stores for a pen that is ideal for collecting quality autographs.
    • Bring a quality photograph from home or use a photo sold by the gift shop.
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    Understand you may not be able to get the attention of one of the top players in the game, but his teammates may be more accessible.
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    Ask the player nicely for an autograph.
    • Depending on how the day is going you may get a "yes" or "no".
    • Players appreciate respect because they've got dozens of fans yelling at them all at once. They'll be more inclined to sign if you call out to them using their name. And using the proper term of respect such as "Mr Guerrero" rather than "Vladdy" will give you much more success.
    • Don't take rejection personally. They may just not be in the mood for it at the particular game you're attending.
    • Try again the next game, perhaps he will remember you, and give in. Be polite, even if they tell you "no;" there's always next time.
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    Ask if they have time to pose for a photograph if you have a friend and camera ready. Then you can bring the photo back for an autograph.
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    Compliment the player on a game well played, a good season, etc. Tell him how much you love the team, how many games you've been to.
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    Try to be conversational but not super chatty. Be friendly and don't ask tabloid type questions about the team or their personal life. They will likely get offended.


  • You also want to come across as a fan and not an autograph seeker for profit.
  • Wait until a better time, look for a less sought after player, say please and ask politely. Many will pass over the pushy people to give an autograph to the person who is polite and patient.
  • Don't shove things in their face. Be polite and act how you would want someone to treat you. Avoid getting into a feeding frenzy for an autograph.
  • The non-personalized autographs are more valuable, easier to sell and are what memorabilia dealers are after.
  • Players are more inclined to sign licensed merchandise or photos they like of themselves.
  • Never heckle them if you don't get what you wanted.
  • Don't limit yourself to accessing the player during the game or at the stadium.
  • The more popular the team, the harder they can be to access. Try to get your autographs earlier in the season or when attendance slows.
  • Learn to ask for an autograph in several languages.
  • Consider signing up for a fan club, checking player websites and Myspace for details of upcoming appearances.
  • If you have a team photo or ball you can ask another player, staff member, etc. to get others to sign it. This probably isn't a good idea for busy times or top ranked teams.


  • Thank them for their time and wish them a good game. Sometimes being polite even when they aren't is a better way to get their attention than by being rude back.
  • Popular players may not feel like signing anything. They could have already signed 100 autographs before you arrived. Don't be offended but wait for another day.
  • Pushing, shoving and being rude can get you kicked out of the stadium. You probably will be out an autograph and the cost of your ticket.
  • Some players will prefer to address autographs to you personally. "To John, Thanks for being a fan..." The personalized autographs don't sell for as much but are more sentimental to the die hard fans.
  • The player isn't very likely to sign something for you if you aren't a kid or teenager.
  • Don't come across as wanting personalized items, because they will make it out to your name and your ability to sell the autograph is drastically reduced.

Things You'll Need

  • Memorabilia you want signed
  • Pen
  • Good spot
  • Some time
  • Willingness to accept what you get

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