How to Get an Article Approved in wikiHow's Quality Review

Articles on wikiHow are not fully published until they have passed a quality review process called "New Article Boost". Articles which haven't yet gone through this quality review, or have gone through but are not promoted, remain mostly hidden from the public. This is done to meet readers' expectations that we'll provide them with a helpful and detailed page on the topic they're looking for. In most cases, there are several things you can do to help your article get approved.


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    Add more details! Unless the article violates the Deletion Policy, the reason your article hasn't been fully published yet is probably because it doesn't have enough details. Unless it's a topic you know extremely well already, it takes most people anywhere between two and five hours to write a helpful new article.[1] Look at the articles featured on the home page to get an idea of how comprehensive an article should be. If you don't know much more about the topic you started, that's okay - you can research it! Here are some good things to aim for:
    • Does your article have at least ten steps?
    • Does each step have at least four sentences?
    • Does it tell the reader something that other articles on the web don't?
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    Ask someone to take another look at the article, after you've added to it:
    • Leave a note with a URL and saying that you've expanded the article for the Article Review Team. This is staffed by friendly volunteers who will typically get back to you within a day or two.
    • Ask our community manager Anna. She can get a little busy at times, but will be happy to help you when she can.
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    Be patient. Our volunteers are not on wikiHow 24/7, and getting your article approved takes time!


  • Feel free to promote your own articles if you are a New Article Booster or Admin.

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