How to Get an Animal Pharmaceutical Sales Job

Animal pharmaceutical sales representatives are a vital link between veterinarians and drug companies. As an animal pharmaceutical representative, you are the face of the drug manufacturer; providing information, education and selling drugs and medications to veterinarians. If you have a love of animals, people skills and the knowledge needed, then here is how to get an animal pharmaceutical sales job.


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    Attain a college degree.
    • Although there is no discipline in college that speaks directly to animal pharmaceutical sales, it is still wise to get a degree in an area that is, at least, indirectly related.
    • The degree you hold should be somehow related to the animal studies or science. These might include biology, chemistry and animal husbandry. A Bachelors degree is preferred, but some seeking to enter the field of pharmaceutical reps go for a graduate degree to increase their chances of getting hired.
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    Study and become knowledgeable in the veterinary medicine industry, particularly the pharmacological aspect of it.
    • Knowing how the veterinary pharmaceutical industry works, who the major players are and what they manufacture will help you in your quest to find employment in this field., You should also understand the relationship between drugs and common diseases.
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    Develop your organizational skills.
    • Organize yourself so that any question you are asked when you are in the field can be answered without having to reply to a request with the term "Let me make a call and get back to you on that."
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    Freshen up your resume.
    • Even if you have never had a job in the pharmaceutical industry, you can still sell yourself on your resume. People skills, sales skills, working with animals, organization, initiative and drive are what companies are looking for.
    • Go to seminars, meetings and conferences that relate to the animal pharmaceutical field and list these on your resume.
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    Network with others in the veterinary medicine field.
    • Many times these people are going to know of openings in the field long before these jobs are advertised.
    • Join online social groups that are related to the career you are seeking.
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    Get your certification in pharmaceutical sales.
    • The American Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Professionals offers a pharmaceutical sales certification process and, although this is not specific for the animal pharmaceutical field, it shows you have proficiency in pharmaceutical sales skills, marketing and medical knowledge.


  • Be prepared to spend a significant amount of time out of town traveling for your job. Much of this travel will be in your car as you visit veterinarians in the territory you cover.
  • This particular job is not one for the faint of heart. You need extraordinary drive and self-motivation in order to be successful at it.
  • The field of animal pharmaceutical sales is also competitive. Stay updated on changes and research within this industry to have an edge on others.
  • Don't ever stop learning. The medical field, particularly the pharmaceutical aspect, is ever changing and evolving.

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