How to Get Alone Time

Alone time is that elusive time in which you get to chill with... just you. For busy people, people living or working in crowded situations and for those who have dependent or even clingy friends and family, alone time can be hard to get. However, it's vital for nourishing the soul.


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    Find a suitable space to be alone. Decide on suitable ways to keep your sacred time alone, such as locking the doors, barring access, going somewhere that others can't find you or leaving your usual spot and going where people don't know you.
    • A garden, park or green space can provide a nice, quiet spot in good weather.
    • A local library, small cafe or art gallery might be ideal for cooler and inclement weather.
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    Keep people out from a house quiet spot by making it evident that you need to be alone, and left undisturbed. Put a sign on the door saying "Do Not Disturb" or "Gran's Quiet Time" or "Studying, Don't Interrupt". If you have a sign that tells people they're allowed in, take it down. Replace it with a stay out one.
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    Tell people how important alone time is to you. It helps if people explain why "alone time" is important to you, so that people don't feel disrespected and can, in turn, respect your needs. Ask politely for your siblings, parents, spouse, children to stay out for set amount of time. They may be curious and want to spend time with you, not understanding how important it is to have time to yourself.
    • It's a good idea to remind others that "alone time" is good for them too, and that you'll respect their alone time when asked.
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    Shift your chores around to gain maximum alone time for the things that matter. Find out when you are least likely to be disturbed and use that time to schedule the chores, intellectual work or anything else that requires time alone. This might be early in the morning, in the lull before the kids get home, later at night, etc. It might vary depending on weekdays or the weekend. Pinpoint these times and make the most of them as "alone time" to get these specific things done without being disturbed.
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    Enjoy your private time. Make the most of it, it's precious.


  • Use alone time to recharge and reflect.

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