How to Get All of Your Wedding Guests to Sign Your Guest Book

It's the day after your wedding, you sit down to read the comments in your guest book -- hoping to grasp at the fleeting strings left of the biggest day of your life so far. You open the book and frantically flip through the mainly empty book! Where are all the comments?! Did no one see this?! Hop into this time machine, lets go back and ensure you get those signatures by every single one of your guests.


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    Make it inviting. What does your guest book look like? Is it bright and colourful or camouflaging? Small, medium or large? Ensure that your guestbook is colourful, or has a picture of you and your partner on the cover. Continue with pictures on the inside, guests love to look at pictures. Make sure that it isn't a 4 x 6 inch book, that it is of a substantial size -- 8 x 10 inch and up.
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    Put it in a good location. Where is the book in your venue? At the front door? On the gift table? Off in a corner for no rhyme or reason? Location is key in guest book signage. Make sure its present at the cocktail hour in a location outside the doors to the dining area -- perhaps next to the seating chart, if you have a seating chart. Give your guest book it's own table with numerous writing utensils -- pens, sharpies, markers, crayons, pencils, stickers. Make it an activity that anyone would be attracted to.
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    Change locations. Maybe it sounds confusing, but moving your guestbook along with your guests - from cocktail room to dining room, will ensure it doesn't get forgotten.
  4. 4
    Announce it! Have your MC announce that there will be a prize for the person who signs the guest book on a certain page, or that the 40th person counted from the last page will get a prize. People love winning.
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    Get help. Assign one or several of your groomsmen to go around table by table and as everyone to sign at each table. Wedding dinners are usually long, and unfortunately boring. Give your guests something to entertain themselves while the bar is closed.
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    Forget the book, make a video guestbook! Have your videographer go around to each table and either have them "sign" as a group or as individuals. Its a great way to save your memories.
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    Don't sweat it. If you go through your book after your wedding has come and gone and you have missing signatures -- do you know who didn't sign? Are they are a good friend? Next time they're over for a wine night, get them to sign it.

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