How to Get Acquainted With a SMARTboard

SMART Board is a great new technology that is currently being incorporated into many schools. This article will give you an overview of the product to help you get acquainted.


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    Understand what a SMART Board is. They are a multimedia device that allow a user to have their own computer screen projected onto an interactive board.
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    Know how the sensors work to transfer what you want to happen into action on the SMART Board. The SMART Board has sensors that detect your touch, so you point with your finger rather than a mouse.
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    Try using the SMART Board. Pick up one tool only at a time from the tray. Be sure to match the pen colors with the corresponding cradle color in the tray.
    • You can write on the SMART Board with your finger. Just pick up a pen from the tray, hold it in your opposite hand and begin to write with your finger.
    • Similarly, you can erase with your hand what you've written. Pick up the eraser, place it in your opposite hand, then use your hand to erase anything you've written.
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    Help younger students. With younger children who have trouble dragging items, some teachers have provided students with a small mallet (with a soft end such as one used with a xylophone) and found it to work successfully. It also helps with the shadow problem, allowing the students to better see what they're doing. Also, they can better reach the top area of boards with the extended length. Alternatively, Q-Tips work well to assist dragging!
    • Another technique that works well with younger children who have trouble dragging is to use the two-finger method. Put one finger on the object you want to move. Keep that finger on the object and touch the whiteboard with the other hand in the location you want to move the object. Then, remove the finger that was originally touching the object. You should see the object zoom to where the other finger is placed! (Left hand touch object, right hand touch destination, left hand let go, right hand let go.)


  • Use only the stylus markers provided with the board. (Do not use the board as a dry erase board.)
  • To wash the board, use ammonia-free Windex or Expo Dry Erase Cleaner.
  • Everything that you have on your computer will appear on the SMART Board so be sure all personal information, email etc. is completely closed (not just minimized).

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