How to Get a Tighter Butt

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Ever wonder if there are any simple things to tighten your butt and make it look good in a bikini? This article will provide you several exercises you can perform to help get that desired butt, and you don't even have to leave your house to do so!

Method 1
Before Exercising

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    Warm up your muscles before practicing the exercises below. This way, you avoid straining yourself, and your body will be ready to work out. Warming up your muscles can be achieved by either jogging in place or doing jumping jacks. You could also do slow stretches.
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    Remember that tightening your butt is a gradual process. This will not happen overnight. You will need discipline and self-control, as well as knowing how much of the exercises you can take without hurting yourself. It is advised you complete these exercises every day to make sure you really do tighten your butt.
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    Take in plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated during the exercises. Also, eat a balanced meal to ensure you receive all the nutrition you need, and it also makes sure you have enough energy so you won't collapse in the middle of an exercise.

Method 2

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    Squats. Position your legs so they are a little wider than shoulder width. Make sure your feet are angled out a little. Lower yourself so your butt is near the floor, acting as though you are sitting on an invisible chair. Hold yourself down for about five seconds before standing up. Then, rest for five seconds before repeating the exercise. Do 10 to 30 reps.
    • Be careful not to move too quickly to avoid losing your balance and falling. Also, jerky and sudden movements can cause muscle pain and/or damage.
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    Diamond Squats. Place your feet together. Slowly bend your knees, and your lower body should spread out, making a diamond shape. Stay on the tips of your toes as you do this. Do this 10 more times.
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    Walking Squat. Position your body into a squat. Take 3 steps to the left before kicking up your left leg. Then, resume the squat position, and take 3 steps to the right before kicking up your right leg. Although you may feel a little awkward, this exercise will help tighten your butt.
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    Side Kicks. Hold onto a chair or a steady piece of furniture as you brush your teeth. It's best to do this exercise in the morning or evening, depending on when you brush your teeth. Stand on your right leg while swinging your left leg towards the left, keeping it controlled. Swing your leg five times before switching to the other leg. Do 2 sets.


  • Before starting, remember to do a warm up, such as jogging in place or jumping jacks. After exercising, cool yourself down by slowly stretching.
    • Never move on with your life after any form of exercise. You want warm muscles before working out, and you want cool muscles after working out.
  • Try to keep your butt muscles tight as you do each workout.
  • Once you grow accustomed to your new exercise schedule, increase the number of reps you do per set.
  • Count to help keep yourself controlled. Remember to inhale and exhale deeply to avoid lack of oxygen.
  • Remember you must be controlled for the exercises to work. If you stay loose, your muscles are not being worked.


  • If you have hip, back, ankle, or knee problems, be careful doing these exercises.
  • Gradually increase the number of reps you do per set to avoid hurting yourself. Know how much of the exercises you can take before doing them. This is a gradual process - it will not happen overnight.

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