How to Get a Teaching Job in New York

Three Methods:Completing a Teacher Training ProgramGetting CertifiedFinding a Teaching Job in New York

In order to teach in the state of New York, you’ll need to complete a bachelor’s degree as well as a teacher preparation program. The most common route involves enrolling in an accredited program that allows you to achieve both requirement simultaneously. This approach is considered the “traditional pathway” to certification, though you may also complete an alternative program, or qualify for certification based on certification in another U.S. state. Once certified, several resources can help you find and apply for a specific teaching position.[1][2]

Method 1
Completing a Teacher Training Program

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    Decide what you want to teach. Choosing what you wish to teach can make preparing for a teaching job easier. This is in part because there are different requirements you’ll need to meet in order to teach at different levels. Most importantly, decide roughly what age group and subjects you want to teach. Make these sorts of decisions before beginning a teacher training program, especially a program that allows you to take other college course in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree. That way, you can select courses that will prepare you for the classes you hope to teach in the future.[3]
    • Visit the New York State Education Department (NYSED) website for information on what types of teachers are in greatest demand currently. Ensure you have a competitive advantage by preparing to teach these subjects.
    • Teachers with specializations in bilingual education, business and marketing, technology, and computer programming are commonly in high demand.
    • You can also supplement your knowledge of certain disciplines by taking specific courses outside of or after your teacher preparation program.
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    Go to school to be a teacher. Enroll in a teacher preparation program designed to prepare you to become a teacher and earn a bachelor’s degree simultaneously. These programs include traditional courses, as well as experience student teaching.[4]
    • The NYSED provides an Inventory of Registered Programs on their website. Consult this resource to ensure the programs you are considering are accredited by the state of New York.
    • Reach out to admissions officers at any institutions you are interested with specific requirements for admission or other questions.
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    Complete an Alternative Teacher Certification program. Enroll in a “Transitional B” teaching program if you already have a bachelor’s degree, but did not complete an accredited teacher preparation program. Eligibility for these programs usually requires a 2.5 GPA for your undergraduate degree. Like the traditional pathway, you will also have to pass state specific teaching exams before receiving a recommendation from your program to be certified.[5]
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    Complete a master’s level teacher preparation program. If you already have your bachelor’s and want to go to graduate school and become eligible to teach, there are programs that will allow you to do so. These programs, much like alternative teaching programs, will focus on teaching experience, and will provide an accelerated version of the coursework that will prepare you to teach.[6]
    • A master’s program is likely worth your time and effort. Not only are you more likely to be hired, you’ll likely receive better pay to teach.
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    Register in the TEACH portal. This is an online portal managed by the NYSED. You’ll use the TEACH portal to apply for a New York teaching certificate. It’s best to register and familiarize yourself with TEACH while still in your teacher preparation program.[7]
    • Indicate which pathway you’re taking to get accredited. For example, register as a student in an “Approved Teacher Preparation Program" if this applies to you.
    • A school official from your program will also use this portal to submit a recommendation on your behalf once you’ve met the program’s requirements.

Method 2
Getting Certified

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    Attend a TEACHNYC certification workshop. Though TEACHNYC is focused on recruiting and preparing teachers for positions in New York City, the organization is a valuable resource for anyone interested in teaching in the state of New York. They hold in-person workshops on the certification process in Brooklyn about once a month.[8]
    • The TEACHNYC website is especially easy to navigate, and includes many of the resources that outline the different pathways to certification in detail.
    • Reserve a space for an in-person workshop ahead of time by submitting a registration form and paying the $25 workshop fee.
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    Take the required tests. The New York State Teacher Certification Examination (NYSTCE) Program administers the tests you’ll need to take in order to teach in New York. Most teacher preparation programs will require you to pass the major tests, like the ALST, before completing the program. If you plan to enroll in a post-graduate teacher prep program, passing these tests may be a requirement for admission. Check with a program advisor or representative to find out more about specific requirements.[9]
    • You can get prep guides and practice tests directly from the NYSTCE. While the prep guides are free, practice tests cost $20 each.[10]
    • Tests you may need to take include: Academic Literacy Skills Test (ALST), Educating All Students (EAS), edTPA, Elementary Assessment of Teaching Skills - Written (ATS-W), Secondary Assessment of Teaching Skills - Written (ATS-W), Liberal Arts and Sciences Test (LAST), Content Specialty Tests (CSTs), Bilingual Education Assessments (BEAs), Communication and Quantitative Skills Test (CQST), and the Assessment of Teaching Skills-Performance (ATS-P) (Video)
    • For questions about test scores, contact the NYSTCE directly.
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    Obtain certification via interstate reciprocity. If you have already been certified to teach in another U.S. state, you will likely be able to get certified in the state of New York as well. You will still need to pass the New York State Exams, but can apply for a conditional certificate that will allow you to teach immediately.[11]
    • In order to apply for a conditional certificate, visit the NYSED website. Select “Certification” then “Pathways to Certification” then “Applicants from Other States.” On this page, you will select the option that describes your situation and the website will prompt you to provide the information necessary to apply for a conditional certificate.
    • While teaching with a conditional certificate, pass the exams within two years to earn a New York teaching certification. If you are certified by the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards to teach certain levels or subjects, you may not need to take any tests at all.
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    Submit all necessary paperwork. TEACH will prompt you to submit the paperwork needed for you to become certified. You will have to submit your college transcripts, your exam score reports, and proof of teaching experience of any kind. The NYSED may also request further information while evaluating your application.[12]
    • If you have been certified to teach in another U.S. state, include proof of these certifications as well.
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    Contact the Office of Teaching Initiatives. Since the NYSED is responsible for certifying people to teach in the state of New York, consult them directly with any specific questions regarding your qualifications. Specifically, reach out to the Office of Teaching Initiatives, located in Albany, New York.[13]
    • For calls regarding certification, dial: (518) 474-3901

Method 3
Finding a Teaching Job in New York

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    Register in the OLAS portal. The OLAS Teacher Application portal will help you search for teaching jobs throughout the state of New York.[14] Register and create a profile to use the portal, and search according to county, type of position, and more. There is no charge to use OLAS, and your profile will save your application materials, making it easy to apply for multiple positions.
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    Apply for a job in New York City. TEACHNYC is a resource focused on preparing and recruiting people to teach in New York City.[15] Not only does the website provide information on current job openings, it can also advise you where your skills are in the highest demand. New York City alone accounts for over 75,000 teaching jobs, so start your search here if you’re willing to work in urban areas that have a high demand for teachers.
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    Apply to private school positions directly. Though some private schools in New York may not require you to certified by the state, most will. In fact, many private schools will have additional requirements you must meet to apply. Contact private schools directly, as these requirements will vary by school.[16]

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