How to Get a Reasonable Rate for a Family Loan

The kinds of household loans that are often called family loans can be difficult to get for families that have low income, less assets and a less than perfect credit score. Many families rely on credit to help them through tough financial times so access to good lending is extremely important for most consumers. For those who want to get a reasonable rate for a family loan, a few fundamental steps can help provide good resolution for a lending process.


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    Know your credit score. Most lenders evaluate borrowers by their consumer credit scores, which are maintained by standards set by the FICO company. Get a copy of your credit report to know how you are currently valued by lenders.
    • Fix a poor credit score. Not all borrowers understand that they can fix credit scores by paying off judgments, negotiating with creditors or sometimes by opening new lines of credit.
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    Get a fixed rate loan. For a family loan that will not experience explosive growth in monthly payments, a fixed rate interest loan is often best. A fixed rate of interest means that you can calculate how much your family loan will cost you and what you will pay each month, where adjustable rate loans can change their rates and monthly payment amounts based on market factors. Select fair and straightforward interest rate settings for your family loans.
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    Look into government programs for families. Some government initiatives will set up government-backed loans for families who need legitimate credit opportunities. Check out available government programs and understand how they help you get access to better lending opportunities.
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    Evaluate local lending and other alternatives. In addition to the loan agreements that many borrowers have with established lenders, i.e. banks, there are other ways to secure some types of family loans.
    • Research micro-lending. In micro-lending or peer-to-peer lending, individual investors buy into debt. These alternative arrangements can sometimes provide effective solutions.
    • Look into informal lending. In some cases, families and other groups help each other through tough times by advancing money at lower interest rates than a formal lender would charge.
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    Define the uses of your family loan and outline all applicable info. Going to any lender is easier when you include detailed information about the proposed use of your loan.
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    Try a secured loan scenario. If you have assets at your disposal, consider changing a family loan into a secured loan that uses assets as collateral. However, beware situations where your assets could end up being seized in cases of nonpayment. Although you should be careful with these types of loans, they can sometimes be a solution for getting better interest rates on a family loan.
    • Evaluate home equity loans. Home equity loans and home equity lines of credit are some of the most common secured loans on the market. In some cases, these help borrowers with poor credit to get access to better interest rates.

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