How to Get a Personalized License Plate in Florida

People love to add some personality to their vehicles and getting a vanity plate is yet another way to accomplish this while making a statement. In Florida, it's quite simple to order a personalized tag for your car, and it doesn't add much to the cost of your plate.


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    Check to see if the personalization you want is available. There is an online lookup form available on the website of the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.
    • Florida plates with a centered logo, like the traditional plate and many specialty plates, can fit up to seven characters (letters or numbers) plus a space or hyphen. The tags with a left-sided logo can accommodate five characters only. A personalized tag for a motorcycle can fit up to six characters only.
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    Fill out an application with your personal information and list the license plate numbers that you have chosen for your personalized tag. You need to have several backup numbers listed in case your first or second choices are already taken, even if you have looked them up online. This application is available at your tag office or online.
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    Submit your application for a vanity plate to your local tag office. There is a $15 fee in addition to the normal fee for a new license plate. The manufacturer has 45 days to create and deliver the plate after they receive the order, so it can take a couple of months before you receive your new personalized tag.


  • If you submit your application within the three months prior to your renewal date, you will receive a registration that expires the next year on your birthday, saving you the trouble and cost of renewing this year.


  • A personalized tag cannot be used on vehicles that require plates that say "Apportioned," "Restricted" or "Wrecker." Also, trucks that require two license plates cannot get personalized Florida plates.
  • The tag office employees can use discretion on plates that may be considered obscene or somehow inappropriate. They will not approve your personalized tag number if they believe it's inappropriate for the road.

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