How to Get a Nasty Online Contributor to Back Off

Sometimes, when on a website, you may be faced with a contributor or user who is just plain nasty and rude. If you are being faced with this right now on a site, and you'd like to know how you can get them to back off, then keep reading this article.


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    Consider what the person is doing. If they are saying bad things to other users, then know the nature of the bad things that they are saying, and if they are simply targeting one user, or a lot of users. If they are vandalizing pages on the site, know what pages they have vandalized, and what they put on them. This is helpful information for going to a site administrator and asking if they can block them.
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    Warn the user about the consequences that could possibly happen to them if they continue to do what they are doing. Be sure that you avoid having your message sound rude when you tell them, as this may only encourage them to keep doing what they are doing.
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    Leave them a message simply asking them to stop. When writing your message, use a format similar to this: Hello _______ (person's username). I would like you to stop ________ (what they are doing), because _______ (why you would like them to stop).
    • You can also put this together with the message warning the user about the consequences that may happen to them.
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    Research a list of site administrators. Usually, a list of them can be found somewhere on the website.
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    Choose a person from the list of people that you find. Once you have decided, contact or email that person, and explain to them:
    • The person's username.
    • What they are doing.
    • The nature of what they are doing (extremely hurtful to others, criticizing people's work in a rude way, etc.)
    • That you would like them to take action on the person, if they can.
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    Consider simply ignoring them, especially if you are the target. Sometimes, if you just ignore a bully, then they will back off because it's no fun when their target is not responding to them.


  • If you are an administrator on the site that the bully is on, then to avoid continuing conflict, ban them immediately.


  • Be sure that you are certain about the offender's username before you contact an administrator. If you aren't, and you tell the admin the wrong user, then it could get you banned for blaming the wrong person.

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