How to Get a Lot of Views on Your Story on Miss Literati

Okay, so you've written an AMAZING story and put it up on but no one is reading it! Here's how to get more views!


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    Advertise! Drop a comment on popular stories, asking if someone would be as kind enough as to check out your story "Insert Story Name Here". Include a link to your story at the end of the comment.
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    Find a book that does advertisements. Search for books called "Ads" and "Story Reviews" and fill out the required forms so they can review your story and post an ad in one of the chapters in the book.
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    Go on peoples profiles and ask them too subscribe to your story and that you will subscribe to a story of there's in exchange.
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    Republish the chapters of your stories. People will see your book in the bottom corner of ML. If you republish often, apologize to your subscribers by leaving an "Authors Note" in your story.


  • Be EXTRA nice when asking!
  • When searching for a story review book, find one that gets a LOT of views.
  • Don't post an ad for your story when someone specifically asked for you not to post ads on their story.
  • Some people prefer that you post ads on their profile instead of their stories.
  • If someone tells you posting ads is rude, reply by saying "If we do not advertise, how would people find our stories?"


  • Do not spam anyone OR their stories! You will get reported!
  • If someone is rude, just ignore them.

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