How to Get a Job Repossessing Cars

When someone stops paying for a vehicle, the lender may contract with a repossession company to retrieve the vehicle. The repossession agent will then locate the vehicle and go out to retrieve it. This can be done either by having the borrower voluntarily turn over the keys or by having the car towed. Anyone who wants to know how to get a job repossessing cars must first be aware of the laws and requirements necessary to do the job properly.


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    Attend a reputable recovery agent school.
    • Reputable recovery agent schools can be located online. Some repossession companies actually offer their own training. Although not specifically required in all states, attending recovery agent school can help you obtain employment as a repossession agent.
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    Ask to ride along with an established repossession agent.
    • Since many of the skills necessary to be successful repossessing cars are learned on-the-job, riding with a licensed asset recovery agent will help you gain experience and learn some of the knowledge that may not be taught in the classroom.
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    Acquire the tools necessary for a successful repossession.
    • Although some companies provide their employees with the tools necessary, having some of them when will show that you are familiar with car repossession. Tools such as a flashlight, various lengths of tow straps, jumper cables and a Global Positioning System (GPS) are helpful.
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    Obtain licenses and certifications required in your state.
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    Be willing to work late night or early morning hours.
    • Repossession agents normally work between the hours of 4 and 7 AM as that is when most vehicles will be located close to home.


  • Psychology awareness and compassion are an important part of the job of a repossession agent. It is important not to judge the person whose vehicle you are retrieving and to treat everyone with respect.
  • Membership in an asset recovery trade association, such as the International Association for Asset Recovery (IAAR) may also be helpful in getting a job as a repossession specialist.


  • Being a repossession agent is not a popular profession, making it potentially dangerous for those who are retrieving cars. It is important to use common sense and use established safety precautions in order to minimize risk.

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