How to Get a Job as a Recreational Activity Supervisor

Recreational activity supervisors are responsible for managing recreational activities in community centers, summer camps, cruise ships and sports centers. The job description involves scheduling and planning activities, and supervising recreational leaders and other workers. Working as a recreational activity supervisor requires solid communication skills, highly developed organizational abilities and effective interpersonal skills. A recreational activity supervisor may also be required to possess special knowledge about a specific type of activity, such as baseball or gymnastics. Here are the steps for getting a job as a recreational activity supervisor.


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    Get experience in recreational work.
    • Major in recreational studies. Although some organizations do not require a degree, supervisory positions with large parks and recreational departments may require a bachelor's or master's degree in recreational studies or a related field.
    • Specialize in a specific recreational activity. Learning to coach gymnastics or swimming, for example, allows you to carve out a niche for yourself and stand out as a prime candidate when a specific type of expertise is required.
    • Work as a recreational leader. Increase your job potential in the field by working as an activity leader for a summer camp, recreation center or other setting of your choice.
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    Develop the required supervisory skills.
    • Practice your organizational skills. A recreational activity supervisor position requires coordinating recreational leaders, scheduling activities, organizing training programs and assessing the safety conditions of the recreation center. Proper training for the position involves work in settings where you actively plan, schedule and organize.
    • Become an effective communicator. A recreational activity supervisor must communicate program goals to recreational leaders, parents and program attendees. Communication may be in verbal or written form. Develop strong listening skills to understand issues and concerns.
    • Strengthen your interpersonal skills. Recreation centers and summer camps are venues for enjoyment. Strong interpersonal skills in this context mean learning to resolve and mediate conflicts to keep tensions low and enjoyment high.
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    Obtain proper licensing, as needed. Some recreational agencies prefer that applicants possess a license. To obtain a license, you must take an exam. Eligibility for the license exam varies by state, but usually requires a degree and/or several years of work experience in recreation.
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    Look for supervisory positions.
    • Search Internet job sites for advertised recreational activity supervisor positions. Make a habit of checking reputable job search sites on a daily basis so that you can respond immediately to job postings.
    • Visit the websites of large parks and recreation centers. These organizations often post job openings on their websites.
    • Go to recreation centers to inquire about open positions. Speak to local recreational organizations about your background and interest in working as a recreational activity supervisor.
    • Ask for a promotion. If you already work in a recreational center as an activity leader, inquire about the possibility of a promotion to a supervisory capacity. Demonstrate your readiness for a supervisory position by being organized, punctual, communicative and passionate about the people and the work.
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    Apply for recreational activity supervisor positions.
    • Develop a professional cover letter. Write a cover letter in which you express interest in the specific organization and elaborate on your suitability for the job.
    • Submit a resume. Highlight your supervisory skills and recreation-related accomplishments in your resume.
    • Share a video or pictures of recreational activities. Depending on the specific position and if the opportunity presents itself during the interview, share a video of your prior interactions as an activity leader in a recreational environment.

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