How to Get a Grand Fantasia Bot

Six Parts:Grand Fantasia Leveling GuideRep (Repeatable) Quests (If you choose to do these)Easy Part doneMountsContinue from belowGrand Fantasia Gold Farming/Gold Hack

This is a small and detailed step by step showing how to get a Grand Fantasia Bot. Visit Sources and Citations below to download the bot. This guide is going to be your best friend while you play Grand Fantasia.


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    Watch the YouTube link in Sources and Citations to Get the Grand Fantasia Bot.
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    Read the terms and conditions of downloading the bot.
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    The grand fantasia leveling Guide, Grand Fantasia Gold Farming and Gold Hack provided to help you stay on top of your game. Remember to read through this whole guide for absolute benefits.

Part 1
Grand Fantasia Leveling Guide

  1. 1
    Before leaving Siwa Island, be at level-10. You can choose which town you would like to be in. Buy quill publishing books from merchants to get some cash. You can do the normal quests until you hit level-18 (since it’s very fast to level at this low stage) or do the rep quests listed below. If you are about to do the boss or party quests, don’t be afraid to ask for a party; skip the PC (Prairie Cave) quests.

Part 2
Rep (Repeatable) Quests (If you choose to do these)

If you chose Kaslow

  1. 1
    • Go to Berlinda (Kaslow Plains x=730, y=469) and do the Calculating REP quest.
  2. 2
    • Go to Elsa (Kaslow Plains x=922, y=691) and do the Goblin Band REP quest.
  3. 3
    • Go to Elsa (Kaslow Plains x=922, y=691) and do the Poison Serum REP quest.

If you chose Ilya

  1. 1
    • Go to Deve (Moonlight Forest x=495, y=260) and do the Before Winter REP quest.
  2. 2
    • Go to Elina (Moonlight Forest x=471, y=249) and do the Goblin Rune REP quest.
  3. 3
    • Go to Dick (Moonlight Forest x=221, y=413) and do the Vexed Spiders REP quest.

If you chose Jale

  1. 1
    • Go the Murray (Steam Mine Mountain x=442, y=321 ((LOL 321)) and do the Wolf Claws REP quest.
  2. 2
    • Go to Murray (Steam Mine Mountain x=442, y=321) and do the Goblin Trousers REP quest.
  3. 3
    • Go to Tasala (Steam Mine Mountain x=494, y=527) and do the Delicious Leg REP quest.

Part 3
Easy Part done

  1. 1
    • Go to Leis (Sprites Forest x=121, y=527) and do the Trade REP quest.
    • Or go to Yuma (Ancient Forest) and do the Best Ingredient REP quest.
    • Or go to Woman Miranda (Red Ridge x=510, y=410) and do the Natural Manure REP quest.
    • OR go to Ancient Forest and start collecting Honey Bear Meat and Fat until LVL 22. Don't sell them because then you will be able to turn them in.

Part 4

  1. 1
    • Go to Raymond (Red Ridge) and do the Tempting Relics REP quest. (Able to get mechas)
  2. 2
    • Go to Mysterious Man (Sprite’s Forest x=268, y=232) and do the Rootstock REP quest. (Able to get sunbirds)
    • Go to Ters (Ancient Forest) and do the Bear Necessities REP quest. (Able to get wolves)
  3. 3
    • Go to Naiauburn (Southern Island) and do the Dragon’s Embryo REP quest. (Able to get mechas
  4. 4
    • Go to Belcar Plateau and do the Make Magic Necklace REP quest from Waer (x=278, y=220) (Able to get Sunbirds)

Part 5
Continue from below

  1. 1
    • Go to Red Ridge and do Tiger Pelts REP quest from Raymond (x=445, y=157)
    • Or go to Sprites Forest and do Potion REP quest from Mysterious Man (x=268, y=232)
    • Or go to Ancient Forest and do Collect Fuses REP quest from Ters (x=570, y=683)
  2. 2
    • Go to Ancient Forest and do the Supply for Observation Point from Ters (x=570, y=683)
    • Or go to Sprite's Forest and do Rootstock REP quest from Mysterious Man
  3. 3
    • Go to Black Swamp and do the Marsh Pearl REP quest from Fisher (x=294, y=576)
    • Or go to Southern Island and do the Madam’s Request REP quest from Hannah (x=564, y=1008)
    • Or go to Belcar Plateau and do the Strong Symbol REP quest from Waer (x=278, y=218)
  4. 4
    • Either stay at southern island collecting pirate bandanas or start doing merchant rep right away at Angoya Island. The merchant rep quest is a good choice, since you can combo it with the sunbird meat rep. Lots of things to do here in Angoya, so you can stay here till level 37.
  5. 5
    • Continue doing the Merchant Rep quest while doing the Grilled Venison REP quest from Mandor (x=965, y=505)
  6. 6
    • Go to bone reef peninsula and farm sabrecat tusk claws till 38.
    • Or go stay in Angoya Island and do the Red Coconut City REP quest (if Jale fame is less than 16000) from Morgan (x=875, y=390)
    • Or go to Plague Forest and do the Wolf’s Howl REP quest (if Elsaland Fame is less than 1000) from Newman (x=352, y=947)
  7. 7
    • Stay in Angoya Island and do the Expensive Groceries REP quest (if Jale fame is less than 16000) from Rex (x=550, y=282)
    • Or stay in Plague Forest and do The Ungrateful Dead REP quest rom Ebona (x=459, y=213)
    • Or stay in Boon Reef Peninsula and do the Surprise Attack on the Pirates from Nakia (x=542, y=599) or the Magic formula from Claudie (x=573, y=593)
  8. 8
    • Things will start to get slow, recommended to do Kaslow guild rep, Jale guild rep and head at scorching wind dessert. While doing the guild reps, the mobs that u kill also drop rep items, collect stomach bag of water and essence of the dead. All of these rep quests are done by just killing 4 different mobs close to each other. Do this until 45.
    • Or go to the Land of Sighs and do the Unrelievable Anger REP quest from Marisa (x=419, y=619)
  9. 9
    • Stay in the Land of Sighs and do the Brutal Theft REP quest from Venicia (x=440, y=550)
    • Or go to Scorching Wind Desert and do the Bruman’s Recipe REP quest (if Jale Fame is less than 25000) from Bruman (x=67, y=527) or the Mina’s Trouble from Forlin (x=166, y=506)
  10. 10
    • Go to the Misty Wetlands and do the Refine Crystal from Hess (x=634, y=168)
    • Or go to the Lost Highlands and do the Make a Big Bag REP quest from Hwasha (x=861, y=657)
  11. 11
    • Stay in Misty Wetlands and do the Darn Water Spirit from Heidi (x=531, y=195) or do the Flying Insect’s Wing from Monson (x=123, y=830)
  12. 12
    • Stay in Misty Wetlands and do the Crocodile Survey from Ava (x=123, y=830)
    • Or go to the Lost Highlands and do the Driving Energy REP quest from Bend (x=793, y=624)
  13. 13
    • You are going to do Spider Phobia from Scully (x=442, y=410) or the Heart-Resistant Fire Dragon Skin REP quest from Kironaya (x=898, y=541)
    • Or you are going to Gaia Woodlands and do the Fortify the Castle REP quest from Tarsa (x=203, y=147)
  14. 14
    • ACV dungeon or camp rep, acv has some good blues though so you might want to run it for the money/blues/skills/xp plus you might even get a bear mount.
    • Or you can go to Prism Island and do the Protect Food Storage from Olsen (x=137, y=195) or the Protect Camp Safety from Reiley (x=791, y=361) or Shockwave’s Influence from Krono (x=1444, y=473) or Beat Up the Pirates from Feather (x=1478, y=574)
  15. 15
    • Stay in Prism and do the Safety of Trunan from Krono (x=1444, y=473) or Medicine Research from Trunan (x=1444, y=462)
  16. 16
    • Go to Twin Lion Mountain and do the Ancient Trinket from Sayi (x=1008, y=306) or Purify the Graveyard from the Ancient Beast Soul Orb x=1266, y=678)
  17. 17
    • Congrats you get to class change again and will jump to level-66 after doing a small quest.
  18. 18
    • Go to Knight Valley and do the Elimination REP quest from Atara (x=284, y=481) or do the Prevent Bird flu REP quest from Atara, or do the Revenge Bloody Soldiers from Tolsky (x=409, y=600)
  19. 19
    • Go to Eternal Mountains and do the New Order’s Magic Experiment from Cenochi (x=522, y=458), or do the Bandits’ Scheme from Gabriel (x=793, y=325), or do the Werewolves’ Plan from Rio (x=316, y=642), or do the New Order’s Military Needs from Rudy (x=561, y=483) or do the Thermal Wasps from Ivan (x=570, y=441)
  20. 20
    • Go to Oblivion Border and do the Safety Level from Honah (x=751, y=574) or the Traumatized from Honah, or the Purchase Frostwolf’s Fur from Phils (x=1087, y=389) or the Eliminate White Bears from Golgy (x=308, y=538)
  21. 21
    • Now go to Winterflake Forest and do the Importance of Balance from Tyron (x=493, y=687)
  22. 22
    • There are no quests that go up to Level 80, but do your best. Don't forget, the first person who gets to level 80 wins a prize. Check out the Grand Fantasia forums.

Part 6
Grand Fantasia Gold Farming/Gold Hack

  1. 1
    If instead you're looking for money, do dungeon runs (the best being CM, EC,OSI,ACV,PT).
  2. 2
    When choosing dungeons you want to choose ones that can be done in 5-10 minutes and you can do so by running straight to the bosses. Of course even if you can’t run through they often still yield more money than if you were just doing rep quests.
  3. 3
    Another method of making Grand Fantasia Gold maybe is to purchase the Grand Fantasia Gold Hack Software known as GF Gold Adder pro, or to buy gold from Unknown Merchants over the internet.


  • Follow The Grand Fantasia Guide thoroughly and re-read it numerous times for maximum benefits
  • Do not buy from untrusted Grand Fantasia Gold Merchants
  • Do not over use the The Grand Fantasia Bots
  • Do not show this guide to your friends who play Grand Fantasia, as they might follow the Grand Fantasia Guide better and pawn your levels.


  • Do not over use the Grand Fantasia Bot\hack.
  • Do not use the The Grand Fantasia Gold Hacking Software often or in excessive amounts because Aeria Games will see this and remove gold and suspend/ban your account.
  • Do not run more than one Grand Fantasia bot at a time.

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