How to Get a Good Grade on an Assignment

A hurried, poorly researched and badly worded assignment isn't going to bring home the good grades. On the other hand, doing your research in a timely fashion, writing well and leaving time to edit it will go a long way to improving your chances of getting a good grade. The following step by step process will help to you gain confidence in your work, and get the grade you deserve.


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    Pay attention to the instructions. When your teacher introduces the assignment, take notes on their expectations, hints, clues and important dates. If there is a planner,example, or something that can help you with the project, take it home and read it thoroughly and note down the strong points.
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    Get organised. Have all your sources from the teacher in a neat folder, and start collecting sources from the library, websites and even your teacher. (Keep citing the sources as you go!) Then create a planner, that divides your work into different parts. For example, the info paragraph, the writing piece, bibliography, and so forth. Then you can assign each of these parts a time limit. Create a time line of your work, give yourself a day, two days or even a week depending on your capacity and the part. Don't forget the due date!
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    Start working. Now that everything is in place, start working! Follow your timeline, use your sources and if you truly want to get a good grade, spend your lunch and other free time working on it. Don't forget to ask your teachers for help. If you can catch them in your free time, show them what you have so far, and if you're on track. Listen to their advice and ask questions. Remember, its their job! Make sure you work at home as well.
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    Ask some of your friends who are in your class. How they're going about the assignment, and focus on what mistakes or good ideas you can get out of it. Brainstorm and even let them in on what you are doing, and ask for comments. Remember, you can get an average grade like B and the teachers will be satisfied. Yet you might be missing a piece that your friends have and they might be missing something you have, which can get both of you an A!
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    Take a break. Remember that this project is not all of your schoolwork, and you have other things as well. So after working for a good hour or two, take a break and do something else, play with a bouncy ball, finish your math homework, go to another room and take a nap. When you feel that you are finished with all of your project, don't put it together just yet. If you have a couple of days before it's due, let the project be and focus on other things for a while. Then check back, and look at it again.
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    Make the final edits. These are the final few days before your project is due. Meet up with your teacher again, and let them check your work. Before you do this, check for silly spelling,punctuation,grammar mistakes. After your teacher's approval and advice, improve your work, ask your friends to look at it, and keep reading again and again.
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    Don't worry. After you've turned your assignment in, and you believe it's good, don't worry. Don't think about what grade you'll get, when you will get it, and don't bother your teacher. Forget about it and relax. Celebrate your hard work and reward yourself. If you don't get the grade you were expecting, then ask your teacher respectively, about where you went wrong. Then be happy that you tried your best.


  • Never rush.
  • Develop a healthy relationship with your teacher.
  • Have a positive attitude.
  • Don't give up.
  • Don't be too worried over grades.
  • Learn for fun.

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