How to Get a French Visa (UK)

Applying for French visa from UK then french visa agency will make the process of application in simpler and quick task. The visa processes include a number of formalities, legal documents & then submitting your form that all makes it irritating task. Agency will assist you in the best way, our mission is to make happy client in regard to apply for a French visa. In order to apply for French visa through the French Embassy, then you must be a UK resident except Scotland and France must be selected as the main destination on the visa application.


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    Get the Documents you need for applying for a French visa.
    • Color ID photograph, passport size with white background or off white background without any accessories hat, scarf, or glasses.
    • Passports with a validity of at least 3-6 months from the date of departure + two empty pages.
    • Two copies of passport data pages and those mentioning an extension of validity
    • Confirmed reservations of return flight ticket(s) if applicable, detailed itinerary clearly showing the name of all visited countries and the dates of stay.
    • Need travel Insurance if insurance is covered by the bank then a letter is required stating the same.
    • Proofs of accommodation for the complete duration of stay in the European countries: Booking of a hotel room with dates of checking in and out, OR title deed OR lease of house or apartment
    • Copy of medical insurance valid for the length of stay and for all European countries, covering medical repatriation and hospital care.
    • Travel tickets: Return travel tickets (plane, train, ferry, bus). If going on a tour – confirmed booking with itinerary from a travel agent.
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    Know if you are eligible.
    • If you are living in UK and your nationality is different then you have to apply for French visa.
    • Residents of Schengen counties living in UK do not need visa.
    • Applicant’s must come in person for bio metrics to the French embassy in order to apply for a visa.
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    Contact to French Embassy then they will fixed your appointment for applying for French visa.
    • If you are seeking about the French Visa, then you can simply visit the our french visa website.
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    Fill the form by online application form take a printout a form and fill the form a post to French visa agency.

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