How to Get a Football Scholarship

Getting a football scholarship to college is a dream for most young men who have ever stepped onto a football field. Unfortunately, not all of them are able to fulfill their dream. However, a lucky few sacrifice and give what it takes to get the college football scholarship they deserve.


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    Attract attention from football scouts. Attend as many camps and clinics throughout your region so college coaches and recruiters will be able to watch you perform against other prospects. The best thing to do is go to camps during the summer at the schools that you are interested in attending. In addition, there are national exposure camps in every region, where scouts come from all over.
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    Keep your grades high. If you do not keep your Grade Point Average over a 2.0, colleges may dismiss you as a recruit. Many student athletes think just talent alone will ensure they get a football scholarship, but this isn't necessarily true. Regulations require that collegiate athletes maintain a certain level of academic performance, so you won't get a scholarship if you can't keep your grades up.
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    Don't get into any drugs. If you have already started, quit.
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    Decide on your major, which will help you narrow down your choice of colleges. If you are undecided and want to choose your degree field once you get to college, all teams and scholarship offers are fair game.
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    Make a highlight film that you can send to colleges of your choice. Your high school football coach has all the games recorded. With the right software, or the service of a professional, you can transfer all of your greatest runs, catches, tackles, hits and scores on video. Choose a common video format, such as DVD, so the coach will be able to play it.
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    Play hard every time you're on the field. Players with great talent may be passed up by college coaches and recruiters if they have a bad attitude or show signs of laziness on the field. Even if you are not the best player, a good attitude and strong work ethic will go a long way.
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    Register with the NCAA clearinghouse when you reach your senior year. This registration just means that the NCAA will check to make sure you are eligible to play college football. They will check your academic standing, your amateur status and your SAT and ACT scores. Once registered, college coaches will know that you can officially sign with them and not have any issues come up afterward where eligibility is concerned.
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    Sign with the college football team that offers you a scholarship. You have worked hard enough to get to this point and you are now living a dream.


  • Be proactive and contact coaches. If coaches do not know you exist, they will not recruit you. It is tough to be noticed in games or camps on the rare occasion when coaches attend or watch a film of, so you need to stand out by contacting the coach with your highlight film, along with a professional introduction emphasizing your strengths.


  • When you sign your scholarship to play football, the hard work is not over. You can be kicked off the team or lose your scholarship if you do not follow the rules, do not keep your grades up, or if you do not play hard.

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