How to Get a Divorce in New Jersey

Are you a resident of New Jersey? If you are seeking to file for divorce in this state, there are certain things that you should know, since the NJ laws may differ from laws in other states. Read on about how to file for a divorce in New Jersey.


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    Get to Know the divorce laws in New Jersey. Since divorce is the "legal" ending of a marriage, the laws play a very critical role in the various aspects of separating from your partner. The first thing, is to know whether you can file for divorce in New Jersey. For this to happen, both parties need to have been residents of the state for at least a year prior to the filing.
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    Make a List of the aspects of divorce that impact you. When you share your life with another person for a number of years, there are several things that you may be doing jointly. These need to be identified:
    • Parenting - Do you have children? If so, you would need to know the laws related to child custody, child support, visitation rights, etc.
    • Financials - Make a list of all joint bank accounts. There may be assets owned by one partner in which the other partner is a nominee. These should be included in the list.
    • Property - If you own property jointly or have purchased the property after your marriage, you need to know the laws related to this aspect as well.
    • Alimony - Did you have a prenuptial agreement? Does it still stand valid?
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    Gather Paperwork: Get all your documents in place and make a list of missing ones. These could be property papers, bank statements, credit card bills, etc. Put all these papers in one place and keep a scanned copy of these in your computer.
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    Work out an Agreement with Your Partner. While this may seem challenging, it is best to give it a shot. Try to put aside your ego and bitterness and have an objective conversation with your partner. The conversation must include all the aspects that you have noted down in the previous step.
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    Find a Good Lawyer. This is extremely important. No matter how well you know the law, an experienced attorney would be able to give you practical inputs as well as help you to leverage things to your advantage. Ensure the following:
    • The attorney belongs to an established and reputed law firm.
    • The attorney is well-versed with New Jersey divorce laws.
    • The attorney has experience with cases similar to yours.
    • It is important that you feel comfortable with the attorney and gain confidence in him/her.
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    Fill and File the Divorce Application Forms. Read through the form carefully and fill it up in the presence and with the guidance of your attorney. Once you have filed your papers, your spouse will have 30 days to respond, according to New Jersey laws.
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    Attend Court. Ensure that all your paperwork is complete and error free. You and your spouse will have to attend court. At the end of the hearing, the court will grant the divorce within the next 30 days if all goes well. Be sure not to miss any hearings so that you can get your divorce at the earliest.

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