How to Get a Divorce in Nevada

If you live in Nevada and are ready to get a divorce, but are not sure where to begin, you have come to the right place! To get a divorce in Nevada, just follow the steps below.


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    Decide if you will file a joint petition with your spouse or if you will file alone. If you and your spouse agree on all issues and you get along well, you may chose to file a joint petition for divorce. If you do not agree with your spouse on all issues or you do not get along well enough to file together, you can file a complaint for divorce alone. The benefit of filing a joint divorce is that it may be cheaper and go more quickly.
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    Determine if you are eligible for a divorce in Nevada. In order to divorce in Nevada, the Plaintiff, if filing alone, and either of the parties, if filing jointly, must have lived in the state for at least six (6) weeks. [1]. If you have not lived in Nevada for at least six weeks, and wish to file alone, you will need to wait until you have, in order to file a complaint. You may, however, go ahead and prepare your documents for filing.
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    Determine what your grounds for divorce are. There are only three (3) grounds for divorce in Nevada, two of which are no fault grounds. No fault grounds mean that neither party must blame the other for causing the divorce. Available grounds include:
    • Insanity of the Defendant. The Defendant is the party who did not file the petition for divorce. In order to be granted a divorce on these grounds, the Defendant must have been insane for at least two (2) years, and Plaintiff must be able to provide evidence of such insanity.
    • Lack of co-habitation. The Court may grant a divorce on these grounds if a husband and wife have lived separate and apart for at least one (1) year.
    • Incompatibility. The most common ground for divorce, incompatibility is a no-fault ground that anyone wanting a divorce may use.
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    Determine what Court your divorce should be filed in. A divorce in Nevada can be filed in the district Court in any county where either party lives or the county in which the parties last lived together.
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    Obtain the appropriate forms. There are several reputable places where you can find free divorce forms for Nevada. If you have any trouble selecting or finding the correct divorce forms, read and follow these instructions for selecting divorce forms, provided by the Clark County, Nevada Court. Places where you can find free Nevada divorce forms include:
    • The Nevada Supreme Court’s website. If you are filing for divorce alone, you can find all of the forms that you need on the Nevada Supreme Court’s Standardized Divorce Forms webpage.
    • Your county Court’s website. Many county Court’s maintain websites with self-help sections where you can find forms and instructions for divorce. To locate your county Court’s website, select the appropriate link from the Nevada Judiciary’s District Court’s webpage.
    • The Supreme Court of Nevada Law library. The law library offers links to a few county specific divorce forms, under Family Law, then divorce, on its forms webpage].
    • offers free divorce forms and instructions for both joint and sole filer divorces.
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    Enlist a friend or family member to sign the Witness Declaration. The Witness Declaration must be completed and signed by someone, over the age of eighteen (18), who has personally known you, or your spouse if filing jointly, to have lived in Nevada for at least the last six (6) weeks.
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    Complete the rest of your divorce forms. Fill in your forms by typing or printing neatly in blue or black ink. Follow the instruction provided with your forms. If you need help completing your forms, you may be able to get low cost or free assistance by contacting:
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    Prepare your forms for filing with the Court. Here is how:
    • Print and sign your forms, in front of a notary, where required.
    • If necessary, have your spouse sign, in front of a notary, where required. If there is only one place for a notary to sign, both you and your spouse will have to sign at the same time, in front of the same notary.
    • Call the Clerk in the county where you will file the divorce and ask how many copies of each you will need and how much the filing fee will be. You may also want to ask what methods of payment are accepted. Many Courts do not take credit or debit cards or checks from non-lawyers.
    • Make the appropriate number of copies.
    • Staple pages together when any of the forms contain more than one page. For example, the Petition for Divorce or Complaint for Divorce may be fifteen (15) pages long, in that case, staple all fifteen (15) pages together.
    • Sort your forms into piles, where each pile contains the original of a form, the Petition or Complain for Divorce, for example, and all of the copies you made of that same form, with the original on top. Paperclip each pile together.
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    File your forms with the Court. Take your paper-clipped forms and the filing fee to the County Clerk’s office and tell the clerk that you have a new divorce to file. A clerk will assist you with file stamping the copies, and opening a new case in the appropriate Court.
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    Serve your spouse, if you filed for divorce alone. Parties who file a joint divorce together, may skip this step. You can pay the Sheriff’s Department or a private process server to deliver a copy of the Complaint for Divorce and Summons to your spouse, or you can have a friend or family member who is at least eighteen (18) years old deliver the documents to your spouse. Whoever serves your spouse, will need to complete an Affidavit of Service and file it with the Court. If you do not have an Affidavit of Service in your divorce forms, download Divorce Packet 17, & 19 from the Clark County Court’s website and modify the Affidavit in it for use in your county.
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    Attend a hearing, if necessary. If you and your spouse do not agree on all issues, you will need to have a hearing, or trial, where you may each call witnesses, present evidence, and argue your case for issues upon which you do not agree. When going to Court, follow these basic guidelines:
    • Dress Appropriately. Conservative, professional attire should be worn whenever going to Court. Men should wear a suit and tie, with the jacket, and no jewelry. Women should wear slacks or a long skirt, a high cut blouse, and very little jewelry or make-up. No perform or cologne.
    • Mind your manners. Courtroom manners include waiting your turn to speak, standing when speaking, and addressing the Judge as “your Honor” or “Judge”.
    • Do not curse or use fowl language.
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    Wait for a certified copy of your Divorce Decree or a notice letting you know one is ready to pick up. If you do not hear anything from the Court within a month of your hearing, call and ask if the Court is waiting for you to file something. Follow up as necessary.


  • If you are having trouble viewing the divorce packages on the Clark County Court’s website, right click the form link, and select “save link as”, choose a place to save the pdf file, click “save” and then double click the file on the bottom left of your browser to open.


  • You should never sign anything that may affect your legal rights or obligations without speaking to a qualified attorney first.

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